HVAC Companies in Boston Debunking Strange Myths

HVAC Companies

When it comes to different HVAC services, they can be complicated to understand. The reason HVAC companies in Boston give is the HVAC units have several parts, small and big, that are sophisticatedly connected. But some people have spread misconceptions about the HVAC and its functions.

What Myths have been Debunked by HVAC companies in Boston?

When homeowners install the HVAC system for the first time, they don’t know much about the air conditioning, heating, and ventilation system. They search the internet for answers but often don’t get the required information. Instead, they get trapped in the myths spread about the HVAC system. Below are the myths that the HVAC companies have debunked.

Close the Vents to Save Energy

Some individuals might suggest keeping the vents closed in a room. But contrary to this belief, closing vents will increase consumption and the pressure on the HVAC system. This will cause more energy consumption and lower the efficiency of the HVAC unit.

Uphold a Constant Temperature All the Time

This idea of keeping the HVAC thermostat at a single temperature throughout the season should not be entertained. They maintain a constant temperature even if the weather outside changes. You should adjust the thermostat according to the outside temperature to increase the efficiency of the HVAC system.

Hire Maintenance only for Major Issues

People will always follow popular beliefs, like this one, that the maintenance service of an HVAC contractor can be hired only when the air conditioner stops working or other major issues occur. They should know that maintenance and repairs are two different services. Clients can employ maintenance services from the best HVAC companies in Boston for minor problems.

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Install a Bigger HVAC unit for Maximum Efficiency

Installing a bigger HVAC unit without considering important factors like the house size, the number of rooms, the positioning of the window, and the type of HVAC system already installed. Sometimes a larger HVAC unit could be a great idea, but this is not always true.

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Only Thermostat to Blame for Uneven Temperature

Thinking that the thermostat is the only HVAC part to blame for uneven temperature. When you hire HVAC companies like Home Service Doctor, they will inform you about other reasons for this issue. These include dirty and clogged air filters, leakage because of internal damage, and the power supply is interrupted.

Changing the Air Filters Once a Year

Many people have said their HVAC system hasn’t been working longer than expected. They changed their air filter annually because they read it on the internet. This is another dangerous myth that most people follow. The HVAC companies in Boston, MA, will suggest changing the air filters after every three months.

Wrapping the HVAC Units in the Winter

Wrapping the HVAC units might not be a good idea because a full-length cover will trap moisture that can develop mold and mildew. If you want to cove your HVAC units, it is recommended to do it during autumn. This will protect the equipment

Select any Area for Thermostat Placing

Clients should select the area of the house where the temperature is the minimum. If this point is not considered, then the reading on the thermostat will be incorrect. Install the thermostat in the area where the temperature is the minimum.

Only Consider the Size of the House

It has been observed several times that clients insist on installing an HVAC system according to the property size and ignoring all other factors, including the number of rooms and the placement of the windows and doors. All factors must be considered when making the selection of an HVAC system.

A Denser Filter will Better Protect

A disadvantage of a thick filter is that air distribution will be affected. Also, small dust particles might not stay in the filters. The unit will need more power than usual to function properly.

Installing the HVAC System Yourself will be Great

Some individuals might suggest you make efforts to install the HVAC system yourself because they might have become successful in doing so. According to this myth, you could save money on repairs. But this has been debunked by HVAC companies in Boston as many issues might develop because of installation mistakes.

Therefore, when researching information about an HVAC system, you must know the difference between myths and the truth.

Below are three questions explaining the HVAC system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should HVAC be replaced?

According to HVAC companies in Boston, the HVAC should be replaced every ten to fifteen years. But many individuals might misguide you in believing that the units will last a lifetime and there is no need to replace them. Never believe this to be true.

How can I prolong my HVAC life?

Homeowners can prolong their HVAC’s life by planning yearly tune-ups, remembering to replace filters, regular inspection of the outdoor unit, installing a smart thermostat, and checking the attic insulation.

Should I turn off HVAC at night?

Health experts have warned against keeping the HVAC system on at night. It can develop serious health issues, including dehydration, itchy skin, nose, and eyes. Another reason to keep the HVAC unit off at night is that it will waste energy and increase bills.

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