It is feared that the hearing of one billion people will be affected by the continuous use of headphones

continuous use of headphones

One billion young people worldwide are thought to be hearing-impaired due to the use of headphones and participation in loud events.

The analysis, published in the British medical journal Global Health, looked at 33 studies in English, Spanish, French, and Russian that involved 19,000 participants aged 12 to 34.

The report found that 24 percent of young adults use headphones unsafely.

Lorraine Dillard, an audiologist at the Medical University of South Carolina, said the best way to prevent hearing loss is to keep the volume of headphones low and use them for short periods of time.

According to the World Health Organization, currently, 430 million people around the world are hearing impaired, and according to estimates, this number will increase to 700 million by 2050.