5 Steps: How to Find Best NFL Sports Agent 2023

Have you decided to take your football career to the boom? Or if you have a chance to make the game great, you will find many sports agents around you.

Sports agents act as a gatekeeper for the athletes they have, and choosing the right one is the most important decision of your life. 

When someone says picking an agent is an easy job, it is not. Choosing the right agent is the most daunting task, but if you start feeling comfortable with that person, you will be able to relieve your stress quicker than ever. 

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to identifying the best agent for your sports business in 2023.

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  1. Draw your work

It’s true that agents can offer you the best, even a moon, but they also get the chance to gain more while working with you. You should keep in mind that an agent’s fee shouldn’t exceed 3% of your salary. The agent can make even more by referring you more with other professionals and negotiating all the deals on your behalf.

When finding a suitable agent from 2023 NFL free agents, your job should be finding someone you can trust the most. Your agent should be capable of preparing you for the draft within or after the football career. 

  1. Find the candidates 

You can put together a list of candidates you find interesting for the job to find the best agent. Also, doing a comparison will be a great option to understand the working criteria rather than just the likeability. 

 If luckily, you are drafted, there are chances that the right agent will find you easily. In another case, you can get the candidate recommendation from reliable sources like your coaches or players. 

  1. Ask them questions 

The process of hiring the most trusted agent is not easy. You will have to ensure first that the person you are bringing into your sports career can provide the right services.

Suppose you want your agent to represent you for a long time, even after your football career. You can ask them questions about the players they’ve represented and what they are doing now. 

Being an NFL player, you need a team of professionals on your side which you will have a financial advisor, a tax advisor, and a marketing agent. If the agent is not happy to work with your team, there will be a clear red flag for you. 

  1. Check the references 

After the interview session, you will end up with a list of references. Having references will be a great opportunity to understand how these agents will work from their other athlete’s perspectives.

You can make a call to the few currents and former players whom they drafted to identify how these agents work. In this regard, it will be better to involve your parents with the player’s parents.

  1. Make a shortlist 

Once you have checked the references, it will be easier to shortlist the few your gut says are right and the most powerful NFL player agents for your sports career.

You can also have a backup candidate if you don’t find the chosen one trustworthy.

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