Paralyzed people can now walk again

Paralyzed people can now walk again

A team of researchers from the Swiss research group NeuroRestore has identified neurons in.

people that can help restore the ability to walk in people with paralysis.

Many people thought that making the disabled walk again was impossible, but scientists.

finally identified the cells that restore the ability to walk.

To study the effectiveness of the stimulation process in restoring neuron function and organ function.

the researchers first experimented on mice. This experiment helped the scientists to know which nerves need to be stimulated to treat paralysis.

After a study on mice, the researchers selected 9 people with chronic spinal cord injuries.

applied the same procedure to the mice. The success of this process is quite surprising in the ability of paralyzed to walk again.

Although the study was originally published in September, the findings are gaining attention now.

It should be noted that one of the main reasons why spinal cord injuries cause paralysis in the legs is because the signals between the spinal cord and the legs are interrupted, after which lose the ability to walk.

When it comes to movement in the human body, nerve cells in the spinal cord are very important people.

Although previous research had shown that paralyzed people could walk again after treatment, it was not clear how this would be possible.

However, neuroscientists in this new study have now identified the nerve cells that can restore movement in paralyzed people after treatment.

A surgically implanted neurotransmitter stimulates a segment of the spinal cord people.