Lamborghini Huracan vs Aventador: What’s the Difference?

Lamborghini Huracan

Have you always dreamed of owning the ultimate sports car? If so, you’re not alone.

After all, there’s nothing more exciting than the thought of driving a supercar that’s unlike almost anything else on the road. And when it comes to the greatest sports cars ever built, it’s hard to beat Lamborghini.

In fact, for more than half a century, this Italian car company has ranked among the more revered auto designers and builders in the world.

This article takes a look at Lamborghini Huracan vs Aventador. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on the differences between these two world-class cars and decide for yourself which one is the best Lamborghini model. Click here for more information about car invoice prices.

The Interior

Let’s start by taking a look at what separates the interior of the Huracan from the interior of the Aventador. Because while both are amazing and will make you drool, they certainly aren’t identical.

A glance at the interior features of the Huracan will reveal a slightly better Apple smart connectivity system than the other car. Other than that, the two supercars are pretty similar in that both have similar sound systems, leather seats, keyless ignitions, and rear reverse cameras.

It’s also important to keep in mind that these are meant for speed and fun, not for families.

The Exterior

Moving on to the exterior, you’ll notice that the Aventador is actually slightly longer, but it’s also more narrow and sits lower to the ground. And yet it also weighs slightly more than the Huracan.

Performance Differences

Performance is really what separates these two supercars. Because while the Huracan might be a slightly smaller car, it simply can’t outperform the Aventador.

That’s because the Aventador has a bigger engine that produces more horsepower, making it a monster on the open road. The Aventador boasts a 6498 cc engine under the hood, producing speeds of 217 mph, while the Huracan has a 5204 cc engine, which is capable of reaching 199 mph.

Obviously, both of these machines offer plenty of muscle on the asphalt, and yet the Aventador is undeniably quicker, outperforming the Huracan with ease.

Price Difference

The amount you can expect to pay for either one of these cars largely depends on the specific premium options you select. And yet the Aventador is ultimately the more expensive Lamborghini.

For example, the average Lamborghini Aventador costs around $370,000, while you can expect to pay around $225,000 for a Lamborghini Huracan.

And while you might think this is a significant amount of money to pay for a car, there’s nothing average about either of these Lamborghinis.

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A Car Buyer’s Guide to the Difference Between Lamborghini Huracan vs Aventador

Buying the sports car of your dreams can be exciting yet stressful. Fortunately, this guide to Lamborghini Huracan vs Aventador will help you decide which of these two cars is the best one to have parked in your garage.

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