The Best Choices For Flooring Your Home Or Office: Bamboo Vs. Laminate

Bamboo Vs. Laminate

Suppose you are thinking about what kind of flooring you should put in your home or office. In that case, you have probably already been reviewing some of the options available in the market, carpet, concrete, ceramic, parquet, laminate, etc. Here are some of the advantages of two of the most used options in the decoration world, bamboo vs. laminate.

Let’s start with laminate flooring; these floors in different homes have stood out far above natural wood floors. A laminate floor is composed of chipboard in high-density pressure. Already the next layer is a pattern picture of some wood or design. It is advisable to be very careful with this floor, and if you have any inconvenience of damage such as scratches, it would be best to change the piece. This is because it is only a disassembly process. Laminate floors with excellent care can have a useful life of 15 to 20 years. It all depends on the care given to it.

Laminate flooring is very similar to wood in texture. But the cost is substantially less. They are also straightforward to install, requiring an excellent professional. In some cases, if the person who bought the product has some experience in the installation of laminate flooring, he/she can do it himself/herself, but he/she would have no guarantees on this installation.

Ecologically, it is better to choose formaldehyde-free flooring and adhesives low in volatile organic compounds because of toxic emissions. Choose floors with pleasing designs that add warmth to your home. Laminate flooring has a lovely rich natural glow similar to wood. However, as mentioned earlier, they cost less than wood, making it a good choice for your work or decorating space.

Bamboo vs. laminate floors have some virtues that are important to be pointed out; first of all, it is a type of flooring or a product that is environmentally friendly, since the life cycle of bamboo, its growth, maturity, and exploitable development, is shorter than any other tree, it does not take long to achieve the necessary action to be industrialized and offer a quality product, compared to the decades it takes to grow trees, which makes bamboo the new fully exploitable material.

This happens when once a year, the so-called mother tree, which is the bamboo that is responsible for producing more stems that will later be used for the production of different products, this is a process that takes a few months only since in this short period they reach the necessary maturity and hardness, about five years, so the abundance of bamboo and the quality of it make the floors made with it are highly demanded and produced.

Additionally, the characteristic hardness of bamboo is well known in all media, and even more complex structures, such as some houses, use it. Moreover, bamboo floors are much harder than conventional wood floors, so the durability is multiplied and is seen in years of durability. It is also widespread to find that this type of material is straightforward and usually does not take as much time as unique wood since the preparation with which it leaves the factory avoids polish, sand, etc., with wood.