Vicodin: What A Patient Must Know


Vicodin (Gikodan, Lortab, hydrocodone, Tussionex) – opioid, potent analgesic and suppressive agent of cough, comprising hydrocodone and paracetamol (acetaminophen). Hydrocodone, an opioid, is a drug. And the presence of paracetamol in the drug enhances the analgesic effect of the latter, but limits the maximum daily dose, taking into account the likelihood of paracetamol accumulation in toxic concentrations. In terms of the danger of addiction, it is comparable to codeine, from which hydrocodone is obtained. Long-term use in large doses can cause mild euphoria, and in the futureĀ  – painful addiction ( strong addictive ). At overdose there is headache pain, dryness of the mouth, general weakness, starts to pull to sleep. Develop those same symptoms, that when poisoning codeine. Of – for such effects has been recommended to the prohibition in the United States.

Vicodin is an active analgesic agent and cure of cough, which is taken inside. The therapeutic dose in the amount of 5 – 10 milligrams pharmacologically equivalent to 60 milligrams of morphine, which is used inside.

The side effects of Vicodin include allergic reactions, seizures, sticky skin, increased weakness, dizziness, hyperventilation, loss of consciousness, yellowing of the eyes or skin, unusual fatigue, bleeding, bruising, constipation, dryness of mouth, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, muscle cramps, sweating, flushing, itching, ringing in the ears, a complete loss of hearing, reduced urination, and decrease in sexual desire. Use of the drug may have a lethal outcome.

Vicodin for sale has received wide recognition thanks to the television series Dr. House. The main character Gregory House underwent a myocardial quadriceps muscle of the right thigh, was operated on, and experiencing chronic pain in the leg, from which escapes, taking Vicodin. It is important to note, Which, taking a large number of Vicodin in the day, House fell into drug dependence.

The effect of Vicodin on the body

The ability to Order Vicodin online to eliminate pain is due to its connection with CNS receptors. Therefore, the use of the drug with alcohol can lead to increased drowsiness. A similar effect can be achieved by combining the substance with other drugs.

After using increased doses of the drug, the following side effects may occur:

  • dizziness
  • the appearance of nausea, vomiting, problems with stool
  • poor blood supply, problems with urine emission
  • the emergence of euphoria, unstable emotions.

Very often, addicts have lethargy, anxiety, problems with mental activity, convulsions. Allergies may develop on the skin. Hydrocodone is considered a tolerant substance. In order for the human body to achieve euphoria, the dose must be constantly increased. For each person, this process lasts for a different time. It ends when the new dosage can be lethal. Taking a substance causes addiction to it, which is difficult to overcome. It can be mental and physical. Addiction to the drug arises from the presence of codeine in it. For the treatment of drug addiction, you need to contact the drug clinic, which will help you get rid of addiction with drugs containing codeine.