Hiring an Electrical Company in Toronto


Trusting the wiring of your home or business to a licensed electrical company is an intelligent decision. A licensed electrician will guarantee all electrical work adheres to Toronto, Ontario building codes and regulations.

Established by Mike Gaidatsis in 1996, Cosmos Electrical has since become one of the most esteemed and reliable electrical companies in Toronto and its surrounding areas.

Licensed and Insured

When hiring an electrical company in Toronto, always ensure they are licensed and insured. This is the only way to guarantee you’re hiring someone qualified for performing electrical services.

Safety is of the utmost importance and you don’t want to leave yourself vulnerable by an unlicensed electrician. They could do irresponsible things to your home or even get injured while doing their work.

A licensed company is one that has obtained a special trade license, in addition to their general business license. Earning this specialized certification typically necessitates extensive training and testing in order to be granted.

Licensed companies must also carry insurance and sometimes bonding, providing an extra layer of security for added peace of mind. These three qualifications can make all the difference between having an electrical contractor who is competent, trustworthy and honest versus one who doesn’t get the job done correctly and costs you more money in the future.

Fully Insured

When it comes to getting the job done right, an experienced electrician is your only resource.

No matter if you are embarking on an expansive home or commercial construction venture or simply need some outlets replaced, having the right team by your side can make all the difference in success. Toronto licensed electrical contractors possess all of the expertise required for any type of project.

As an electric company in Toronto, we understand the importance of getting the best results from your electrical projects. That is why our highly trained staff of expert electricians takes great pride in offering superior service at all times – from onsite inspections to complete installations – so you get the most from your investment. All our services are fully insured so that you can rest assured in case any unforeseen mishaps happen. We have been providing residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout the GTA with electrical installation and maintenance since 2007. Let us handle your next electrical task today!

Licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)

If your renovation project involves electrical work, it is essential that you hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor. Only licensed electricians in Ontario possess the proper license and qualifications for doing electrical work safely, making them the only qualified individuals to handle your project safely.

Electrical installations in homes typically need ESA approval. This applies to repairs, replacements and new wiring as well.

The ESA is a self-funded non-profit corporation responsible for administering and enforcing Part VIII of the Electricity Act on behalf of Ontario. Its core services include inspections, licensing electrical contractors and master electricians, investigations, enforcement of electrical regulations, monitoring product safety in the marketplace, as well as education programs.

ESA’s risk-based oversight system assigns a risk level (low, medium or high) to every notification of electrical work it receives and then concentrates its inspection resources on visiting sites with medium or high safety risks. This strategy is intended to reduce the number of inspections done and keep homeowners better informed about when an inspector will visit their property.

Certified by the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA)

If you need electrical renovation, installation or restoration in Toronto, it is essential to find a licensed and insured electrical company. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous individuals who attempt to pose as legitimate contractors only to leave you with an expensive and hazardous wiring job.

The Electric Contractors Association (ECA) is a representative organization representing UK-based companies who design, install and maintain electrical and electronic equipment and systems. As one of the largest and best resourced representative bodies in the country, ECA serves as an influential voice for this sector across all fields.

Since 1901, The ECA has been an essential force in the growth and development of the electrical industry. As a non-profit organization, it offers information, education and assistance to its members. Furthermore, their research and development program is widely acclaimed for its efforts at improving efficiency within electrical contracting firms.