8 Essential Tips to make your PG life easy

PG life easy

You never fully comprehend what it’s like to stay in PG until you do. The person sitting next to you in PG is completely different from you, or maybe they are the same person as you. Yet, being in a PG helps one acquire a lot of life skills that are invaluable and essential to learn.

It may be a lot of fun to stay at a PG in Kothrud. Nonetheless, students also face a lot of difficulties. Secure their safety and adjusting to a new environment, takes time. They frequently become confused regarding what’s good and wrong since we don’t always have access to our parents during times of need. PG living is a singular and remarkable experience and to make it worth enjoying students must avoid some common mistakes. Here are some of the essential tips to make your PG life easier

Maintain a friendly nature all along

The most important advice for your PG experience is this one. Make friends with seniors and day scholars in addition to your friends. They can meet your needs. Avoid ego and excessive arrogance since they might hurt you. Always keep in mind that you are trying to have a successful life on your own. Keeping cordial ties with everyone is a sensible move.

Limit your boundaries in all aspect

Setting limits is crucial in any relationship, whether it involves sharing a room. All of your boundaries should be decided upon when you are speaking with a friend or a stranger. Don’t disclose too much and keep your emotions in check. Have a calm attitude and show respect for other people’s opinions.

Respect your seniors

Always be open to recommendations and acknowledge that other guests who have been staying in the PG longer may have more knowledge than you do. Honor your elders. It is always advised to show respect to everyone, not only seniors.

Only you will receive respect in return if you respect others. Seniors can only assist you more effectively with your schoolwork and any other issues relating to your dormitory. To treat them well, constantly be kind to them.

Preserve cleanliness and hygiene

You cannot compel your parents to keep you clean and hygienic when you are staying in a PG. Hence, it is preferable to mature and take responsibility for yourself. Every day, make sure your bed is made up. Nobody will adore you if you appear messy and unkempt. Constantly maintain a consistent and healthy lifestyle. To maintain your health, engage in yoga and exercise.

Work on saving money

Try to conserve money rather than spend it, regardless of your background. Your parents support and adore you. They put forth constant effort to ensure your comfort. Save money while not betraying their confidence.

Avoid excessive spending since it may lead to a bad habit of lending money to others. It’s beneficial to have fun with your buddies once a week. But avoid participating in routine activities and enjoyment. They might interfere with your academic performance and leave you broke.

Learn to avoid the harmful company

You may not be able to please everyone in your PG. At a PG, a variety of individuals from various countries and traditions reside. You will benefit if you are constantly awake. Identify the negative and poisonous individuals in your PG. And attempt to avoid them by employing subliminal strategies like plugging in earbuds, acting busy, etc., rather than using words to indicate your dislike.

Have a fixed sleep schedule

PGs never offer complete silence for sleeping. You will have many restless nights if you can’t fall asleep quietly. Before settling into the PG, get used to sleeping with the TV or music on. By using this technique, you may sleep through the noise without risking your health. A sleeping mask that you carry about with you can promote restful sleep.

Take special care of your belongings

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a PG resident or how much you’ve grown to trust the people there; it’s never a smart idea to keep a lot of cash, jewelry, or other valuables in your room. The majority of PGs have locker rooms. If you don’t want to use them, renting a locker at a local bank and storing your assets there can be a smart option. This goes for crucial papers that you don’t need to see very frequently as well.

Final Words

Leaving home may be a really exciting experience, whether it’s for a career, higher education, or just to start on your own. As thrilling as it can be, it might also induce some apprehension. Young boys and girls might have just as much anxiety about leaving the nest as parents do. Yet you can succeed in the PG life if you know the appropriate tricks and advice!