Gift ideas for the elderly

Choosing gifts for elderly is something all of us have to face from time to time. Coming up with a good and original gift idea for the elderly may be difficult or it can be sometimes a challenge. How to buy a gift for a person who claims “they do not need anything” or “already has everything”? Most choose a gift card

So what would be ideal gifts for older parents who have everything?

Independence is something that seniors value a lot. The key to maintaining this precious independence is to ensure safety in their own home. Therefore, all types of devices and smart gadgets will be great gifts for elderly.

Also, things that are not cluttering the house, can be purchased as gifts. Seniors usually don’t like stuff that are unpractical and just collect dust.

Seniors tend to get sentimental with time. They like to remind themselves of past times and events, pleasant trips or family gatherings. Why not buying something that will allow them always to remember about these pleasant situations and stories?

In general, people in older age line to feel cosy. Therefore, all the comfortable, comfy, cushy, snugly, soft items are also great gift ideas.

Last, but not least, our seniors need constant mental stimulation. Brain games improve mental health and memory, stimulate the brain.


So what to choose? We have selected possible gift ideas, dividing them into several categories. Is your loved one is a practical person? Or perhaps they like to relax and feel cosy? Ar they sentimental and nostalgic? Or maybe opposite, they love technical innovations and mind games or is very sentimental and nostalgic. Whatever the need, we have something for everybody. All these items can be easily looked up on the internet.

The gifts categories we have separated:

  • Practical gifts
  • Mind stimulation
  • Technology gifts
  • Memorabilia
  • Gifts to promote calm and relaxation


Pragmatic people need practical gifts — this is pretty obvious. Practical person is a realist, they tend to ignore things that aren’t useful. But first and foremost — practical people care about the function of things more than the overall appearance. Therefore, gifts for a pragmatic person should be functional. Here’s the list of gifts for practical seniors.


Calendars of all sorts will be very welcomed. It is always a good idea, especially if the new year is approaching. Pick the ones with big letters and plenty of space for personal notes.

Personalised leather wallet with monogram

Looking for gift suggestions for elderly woman or man? It is a practical present with a nice twist of personalisation. The fact that it’s made of leather makes it more luxurious. A very elegant gift for an elegant person.

Personalised pens or pencils

It is possible to choose any name or message and have it printed on the pen or pencil. It would be than not just “a normal” pen. That would be unusual, an individual pen with name or dedication. This would combine the practicality of a very useful object with the uniqueness of something personalised. Quite a nice combination.

Fancy boot jack/boot puller

Boot jacks come in many shapes and forms. It could be cast iron or wooden, or both. Could have a leather finish, for extra comfort and look.

This utterly practical item for taking off boots and other footwear when coming into the house can also be very fancy. How about folk boot jack? A cowboy-themed one? A beetle boot jack? A snail boot jack? A dog-shaped one? A rabbit? You name it. There are some quite unconventional boot jacks on sale on the internet. Still not convinced? Perhaps a classical conventional one would be a better idea.

Key and wallet finder / Wallet and key locator-set

You don’t have to be an elderly person to misplace your keys around the house. But key and wallet finder make great gifts for seniors who constantly lose their keys.

How this “gismo” works? There are two interconnected parts: transmitter and receiver. By pressing a button on the transmitter, the beep sound and the light on the receiver will let us know where is the lost item.

So in case of keys, you can have several receivers, attached to each key set. And connected to one transmitter.

In case of wallet, a receiver can be in the form of a plate, that could be hidden inside the wallet. But the general rule of working is the same: beeping and lighting for easy location.

For more advanced mobile users, the device is connected to a mobile phone application.