Understanding Yuko Tatsushima’s I Cant be a Bride Anymore

Yuko Tatsushima I Can be a Bride Anymore

Yuko Tatsushima is a modern Japanese lyricist and singer, who has written many memorable songs. One of her most recognized works is the song “I Can’t be a Bride Anymore.” This song has been covered by a variety of artists, but its message and emotion remain the same. Through this song, Yuko Tatsushima conveys her feelings of grief, loneliness, and heartache. In this piece, we explore the meaning behind the song and its impact on the artist herself and her fans.

Background Information:

Yuko Tatsushima is a Japan-born singer and songwriter well-known in the world of music for her tender and heartfelt lyrics. Tatsushima began her music career by singing in the streets of Tokyo and eventually signing to a major music label. “I Can’t be a Bride Anymore” was released on her debut album in 2001 and quickly became one of her most well-known songs. The song deals with the rejection and disappointment Tatsushima felt from a missed opportunity to get married.


The lyrics of “I Can’t be a Bride Anymore” revolve around the theme of a missed opportunity to get married. In the chorus, Tatsushima sings, “I can no longer be the bride I wanted to be.” As the song progresses, she reflects on her sadness in not having the chance to have a wedding ceremony, and the regret she has for lost love. She laments about feeling love slipping away in the bridge and sings, “But it’s too late, now I can’t be a bride anymore.”


The song “I Can’t be a Bride Anymore” touches on the feelings of sadness, regret, and loss that come with unfulfilled expectations and lost opportunities. The lyrics are poetic yet powerful, and the song conveys a sense of deep emotion. On a deeper level, the lyrics hint at the societal pressures women feel to conform to traditional gender roles, as Tatsushima expresses her distress at not being able to fulfill the role of bride.


Since its release in 2001, “I Can’t be a Bride Anymore” has become one of Tatsushima’s signature songs. It was widely covered by other artists, and has been featured in several films and television shows. The song has resonated with audiences all over the world, who have been able to relate to the grief and loss expressed in the song. Even today, fans of Yuko Tatsushima’s music return to “I Can’t be a Bride Anymore” to get comfort from the depth of emotion in the song.


Overall, Yuko Tatsushima’s story is a powerful reminder of the costs and consequences of taking on the responsibility of a marriage that goes wrong. While it may seem like an innocent gesture to get married, the decision should never be taken lightly – as it has long-term repercussions that can last a lifetime. Yuko’s story teaches us to weigh our options carefully before taking the plunge into marriage, and think carefully before committing to a relationship that may not have a happy ending.