The Effects of Your Physical & Mental Health on Your Love Life


Popular romantic comedies and best sellers on tragic love stories may make you feel that your physical and mental health does not impact your love life. But in reality, a lot of your attractiveness and the depth of your relationships and their success depend upon a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. 


We will explore the correlation between the overall health of an individual and its impact on your romantic relationships as well as your love life.


Just for the sake of simplicity, let’s address the question about physical health first.


What does our Physical Health have to do with our Love-life?


Of course, we believe in the purity of love and that it has more to do with our feelings than physical attraction, but we cannot deny the fact that at least initially our feelings are based on physical attributes. And this isn’t because the current generation is shallow and focused on the outside, this particular mating trait has been ingrained in us since humans lived in caves. (Or even earlier)


The man often finds a healthy woman attractive because subconsciously he determines that a healthy woman will be able to carry his children successfully, while a woman finds a man attractive based on his physical strength and power because subconsciously she determines that his sperms will be healthy and he will give her many healthy children.


Yes, it feels unbelievable as well as sexist that men and women subconsciously fall in love on the basis of reproduction in the 21st century, but it is true, this is how our primitive minds work.


Thus having a physically fit body plays a role in the attractiveness and feelings between couples.


Maintaining a healthy body is important in keeping the partners attractive and physical health is also important from the point of view of reproduction.


While love and romantic relationships are about the union two hearts and two souls, the union of bodies is also an important aspect of it.


Sexual health is also a part of physical health and how your sexual organs work also determines the success of your love life.


Many types of different sexual dysfunctions can impact men and women and make their love-life difficult and unsatisfying. Men suffering from the most common sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation often have a hard time maintaining a loving and caring relationship with their partner.


While other sexual dysfunctions affect men’s fertility as well as sperm motility, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are often culprits in hopeless relationships and broken marriages.


This is because erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation have a direct impact on the act of lovemaking between two people, which holds very influential importance in the romantic relationships between two people.


Erectile dysfunction makes having erections difficult and premature ejaculation deprives the female of the pleasure of the love-making act thus leading to dissatisfaction and disappointment in bed which slowly leaks into the other parts of the relationship, gradually leading to break-ups and divorces.


But there are ways to deal with these conditions in such a way that prevents the relationship from falling apart and making it stronger with time. First and foremost is acceptance and open communication between the two people involved in the relationship.


Men must accept these dysfunctions as physical conditions such as which can be treated using medications such as Fildena 100 not take it as a blow to their manhood or masculinity. Suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation does not make you less of a man.


The next step is to have heart-to-heart conversations with your partner about any physical or sexual issues that you may have. Your partners can support you in overcoming the stress and anxiety related to your condition.


You can explore other parts of your relationships to become stronger and you must remember that medications are always available for the treatment of conditions like erectile dysfunction such as and Buy generic 100mg viagra online which will allow you to enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying sex life despite this condition.


Most of the issues related to fertility and sperm motility can also be treated but even, in this case, your partner’s support plays a huge role in accepting as well as dealing with these conditions.


Women do have various sexual as well as reproduction issues that may make a dent in a loving and caring relationship, but staying together and seeking in the correct forms of treatment goes a long way in keeping the sex life exciting and marriage life happy.


Men and women both need to work on relationships together keeping in mind that physical attraction, sexual satisfaction, and having babies together is a part of romantic relationships, but it is not everything. Mutual respect, loyalty and a promise to be there for each other no matter what comes your way are the important factors that make a marriage and a romantic relationship a blessing.


Healthy Minds Create a Happy Home and fulfilling Love life. 


We have established the importance of physical health in making your relationships full of love and satisfaction, similarly, your mental health also determines the quality of your love life.


Your relationship with your partner is affected by your mental state. To begin with, constant anger and stress can make your love life difficult as well as sour. These factors also reduce attraction between partners and when a person is angry or stressed, he or she is more likely to find faults, bicker, or even nag the partner constantly which further builds a gap between them. In some extreme cases, these things lead to Domestic violence.


If you find yourself or your partner dealing with any mental health issues such as depression, excessive aggressiveness, anxiety, or any other, please seek professional help as soon as possible.


Be vigilant about your physical and mental health for the save of the love between you and your partner. Seek treatment when needed and prevent any long-term damage to your love.