Spying on Imran and others, UN brings India to book, Foreign Office

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has expressed concern over India’s use of Israeli spyware Pegasus to spy on the computers and phones of world leaders, human rights activists, government officials, diplomats, judges, and journalists, including Prime Minister Imran Khan. He called for an immediate inquiry into the incident and said that the United Nations had brought India to book, was monitoring information on spying operations and India’s misconduct would be raised on the global stage. A Foreign Office spokesman said in a statement that it “strongly condemns” the large-scale sponsorship of surveillance and espionage operations by the Indian government in violation of international law and responsible state conduct. The statement further said that RSS, a long-term campaign of the BJP government, monitors dissent, spreads human rights violations in Indian-administered Kashmir, and spreads false information against Pakistan. According to the statement, the true face of India’s so-called democracy was revealed to the world when information about the EUD Info Lab’s India Chronicle came to light last year. The Foreign Office spokesperson said that while keeping an eye on the information regarding India’s spying operation, India’s misconduct would be raised on the global platform. According to the statement, in view of the seriousness of these reports, the UN agencies have been asked to investigate the matter, bring out the facts and hold the Indian nationals responsible.