Our Guide To Avoiding The Most Common Dental Problems

Our Guide To Avoiding The Most Common Dental Problems

Dental problems are mostly caused due to lack of proper oral hygiene. Sometimes, due to negligence, people cannot follow these hygiene routines, which can cause various dental issues.

Educating yourself about common dental issues can help you maintain a good oral condition. In this article, we will list some common dental problems and how you can avoid them

Common Dental Problems

According to an experienced dentist London, these are some of the most common dental issues people in the UK face:

Bad Breath

Bad mouth odour can be very embarrassing. Dentists suggest that if you have persistent bad breath, then that can be due to poor oral health, including conditions like gum diseases, cavities, oral cancer, or bacteria on the tongue. Mouthwash will only temporarily cure it, but the issue will not be treated unless you treat the conditions responsible. If you face any such problems, visit your dentist nearby.

Tooth Decay

This is yet another common issue that people face due to a lack of a proper oral hygiene routine. A cavity can occur among adults and children when plaque combined with sugar gets attached to your teeth and gumlines. This combination produces acid, which can attack your tooth enamel. A cavity is only the beginning and can lead to several other diseases. The best way to prevent decay is to properly follow your dental hygiene routine. Dentist London also suggests avoiding sugary food and drink. You can also ask them for tips to keep your teeth healthy.

Periodontal Disease

It is an infection that occurs in the gums around your teeth. It can lead to complex issues and even cause tooth loss. Periodontal issues go unidentified in the beginning as they do not have visible symptoms, but once it spreads, you might notice issues like bad breath, swelling, red, tender, bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity etc. Apart from brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, you should also visit your dentist every six months, as they can identify early signs of gum diseases by simple dental examinations.

Oral Cancer

It is a very serious and deadly disease which has become quite common. It affects millions of people every year, especially those who consume tobacco, or alcohol or are above 40. Even though one cannot prevent this disease, maintaining a good lifestyle can reduce its chances. Also, when you go for regular dental checkups, ask your dentist to do an oral cancer screening so that the disease can be detected early, and your chances of getting cured will increase.

To ensure a healthy mouth, you must brush and floss twice daily, eat a healthy diet, and visit your dentist twice a year. These simple steps can help you prevent most dental problems and maintain good overall health.