Hajj pilgrims started inward in mina

The pilgrims are arriving within the tent town of mina nowadays in reference to the payment of pillar of Islam rites. Tomorrow morning, the pilgrims can leave mina for Arafat square to perform the foremost vital part of the pillar of Islam.

Walking from the house of worship al-Haram to Arafat square and Muzdalifah won’t be allowed, a special public utility is going to be run to Arafat square and Muzdalifah. In keeping with Arab media, Waqf of Arafat will be performed on Monday, and a pillar of Islam sermon will be given in Nimrah Mosque. Thanks to the coronavirus, a restricted range of pilgrims have been allowed to perform Hajj.

Thanks to the coronavirus, solely 60,000 locals and expatriates are enjoying the blessings of Hajj. Over seventy thermal cameras are put in in the least the doors of Masjid-ul-Haram.