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Website text sheet was brought down quickly and was slapped a lawsuit for infringement of copyright on the Internet learning platform through chag. Mainly tax sheet to which he would copy the answers to student’s free chat as other paid sites. The fact that he made to find answers and chag use the API to offer to students, is an extremely fast and easy resource for students. Most students use text sheet behind the whole operation were oblivious to this fact. The students of the school, which suddenly closed, there is still a silver lining at the end of this sudden closure. Thank you for increasing access to the Internet to provide online education, there are several alternatives that students can refer to them.

An online collection of textsheet textbook answers, homework solutions, and other student support. Its users loved its simplicity and ease of use, and since the website offered a free solution, it grew rapidly in popularity and became one of the most visited scholarly response sites on the web.

The site did more than just store itself like a search engine and used other responsive database APIs to collect and submit solutions to find users. However, like many services that accept the ‘search engine’ approach, it faces lifelong legal issues throughout the site. It culminated in the DMCA’s copyright taekwondo notice, in which the American education company Chagg added thousands of Chagg’s responses to search results on textsheet, resulting in the rejection of There are many alternatives that offer services similar to a tax sheet. If you have students who are looking for help with homework or educational responses, this year’s list textsheet alternative would best source of your best options.

What is Textsheet

Texts were the most popular online educational websites for students, providing leading solutions and answers to school or college projects, homework or assignments asked by students. Basically, text The sheet was the website that was used as a reference for the homework issues submitted to the students. Unfortunately, the text sheet has been closed, and it has only reduced the news to many students. Has forced students to find essential websites like text sheets available in 2021. Since text sheet has been brought down to student life options for replacement text sheet to make it easier to find something you have to work to find the house home works textbooks, assignments and other study material

More about Text sheet

If you can’t find popular educational platform text sheets online, well, don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you’re a college student, or a high school student, you might find yourself You will find it relatively familiar with this online learning tool. It has been a life saver for students as it has given them better insight into various difficult subjects. Students can also access a variety of sample answers. Where they can cross-check their answers.  Considering that text sheet was an open source software full of features, it soon became a hit on campus and would become a major feature in project assignments and homework assignments.

Why is the textsheet not working?

For those of you who are unaware, if you are still wondering what really happened to the text sheet, it has been brought down due to copyright infringement. Offered solutions and answers to educational problems through i; Due to this fact, the DMCA’s take-down application have been filled out by a Chag worker. And in response, the text sheet has been taken down without any conclusion. Solution Website text sheet not working.

What happens to textsheet? why did get down?

Textsheet not loading

For those who are unaware, if you are still considering what really happened to the text sheet, it has been brought down due to copyright infringement. As you may know, the text sheet provided solutions and answers to educational problems through the Chag API. Due to this fact, the request to terminate the DMCA was granted by the Chag worker. And in response to that, the text sheet finally came to an end. So, now why aren’t you working on a popular educational solution website tax sheet?

Textsheet shutdown

There is so much talk about it that it can’t be talked about anymore. It really happened to be a violation. From the news and situation of online marketing, we can say that the site has been permanently shut down or shut down. Now, there are no updates for this site, whether it will restart or not. Due to the heavy reliance on this site, students began to lose their best reading and knowledge.

One of the main reasons for the Textsheet shutdown was the copyright infringement by Chag. Text Sheet began providing solutions to students who were available at Chag.

As we know, this digital world is full of questions and solutions, and there are other alternative websites designed to help students solve their questions and complete assignments.

These websites are basically similar to text sheets and are just as viable. You can use these sessions to complete your homework and research paper.

Unfortunately, the Textsheet is down, and for many students this is just the end of the story, forcing students to search for the necessary websites, such as text sheets, which will be available in 2021. Is Text sheet services were growing and so were students. The website made the students accustomed. Over time, the text sheet became blind. He stole materials to provide students with solutions. So, he started misusing information from another website. In this way, he found a solution for the students. This program highlighted the text sheet. In addition, it had to respond to copyright infringement. No more updates from the site. According to the news update, the site is completely closed.

Thus, Cheg claims that the textsheet is down due to copyright issues. The text sheet has been completely removed from the Internet due to DMCA copyright infringement. Since the text sheet has been brought down; we need to find something to make the student’s life easier.

Textsheet answer

When a site they are accustomed to is banned or not available, they fight with their educators. Finding reliable sources of study in the short term is not easy. Websites like CFS, CourseHero are reliable and do not copy answers from anywhere else. So if you are a student who has experienced the consequences of text sheet closure, you can check out these websites. In fact, CFS also has free textbook solutions, which means you don’t have to pay to study with them. Textsheet was a site for accessing study help. He was shut down by the DMCA as he prepared for the Chag answers. By the way, are you looking for the best alternatives like text sheets? This time, it’s for you. You can find many alternatives accessible on the web. In addition to textsheets, a ton of decisions are accessible.

Is textsheet illegal?

Text sheets are currently banned for copyright infringement. The text sheet website was completely shut down as a result of DMCA copyright infringement.

Slatron, the creator of text sheets and some other websites, received a legal notice from Cheg for republishing his answers on the site. So the DMCA rejected the request to delete the founder’s account and then shut down the website, declaring it illegal.

Is textsheet safe

Because text sheets were banned, making it difficult for students to complete their assignments and projects, the gap created by the closure felt the need to have a new text sheet, such as a platform to serve students.

Text Sheet was an online website that was very popular with students for finding answers to their questions. This site is gaining tremendous popularity among students and teachers in a very short time. The website provides all solutions to students for free.

To access the answers, all students had to enter the URL for a particular course, or search for their query through the search option. Students looking for specific answers had to enter their questions on the search bar, and then find answers to related questions.

What is New textsheet?

If you can’t find the popular education platform tax sheet online, well, doesn’t worry, you’re not alone. If you are a college student or a high school student then you are probably relatively familiar with this online learning tool.

Text sheet alternative

Text Sheet was one of the most popular online learning websites for students, providing leading solutions and answers to school or college projects, homework or assignments asked by students.

What is Similar like textsheet?

There are many alternatives that offer a service like text sheets. If you are a student looking for homework help or educational answers, this list will go through your best option for alternatives.

Although text sheets are no longer around, there are many other Sites like textsheet you can use. alternative

A student’s favorite way to find answers to their homework and assignments. Unfortunately, due to the DMCA notice from Chag, it is no longer available and is devastating news for many students.

Best working alternative


A site like Text Sheet Text Sheet is an alternative to similar services. The best alternative to Text Sheet is a California-based American education company that provides physical form and online content. Its services are mostly similar to Text Sheet. It offers a number of assignment solutions, experts are also there to help.


You will find the math problem solver here

You will find research samples


This is a paid service


Text sheet is another curriculum alternative study. It is similar to a text sheet but with limited subjects like science, math, humanities and miscellaneous. Its services are also paid and it comes with a flash card explorer and an built-in grammar checker. Working as an alternative. is an alternative to serving and helping students.


The site is energetic

You have the choice to upload your papers

You can download whatever you like


You must register to login


There is another US based solution search site like Text Sheet; Slider is headquartered in New York. Like text sheets, it provides thousands of textbook solutions. Serving as an alternative to text sheets is also costing 6 a month. Scanning a book barcode makes it easy to access the solution


It is possible to have free access

You can remove each article of the solution


You can find ads on the free version


Another alternative to the text sheet platform is CourseHero, which provides more than 25 million course-specific study materials. Like text sheets, its services are 24/7. This is providing access to study materials related to 25 million alternative courses


It is free for all

Research you will find easily here

They have to upload the files they pay you


You can make huge crowd filled


One of the best options for completing assignments is paper help as an alternative to text sheets. Like text sheets, it offers a number of services but its most reliable work is research articles and assignments for students. Receives 24 24 from, as the content is written by highly educated professionals and experts. It also maintains the privacy of the customer and presents the paper at your doorstep.


You can easily get research sample

They are very well maintained your privacy

The supply is very efficient


The services they pay you


It is an alternative to textsheet and cheg websites that help with assignments, homework, exam preparation and more. It provides access to about 50 million textbooks. It offers most of the same services as was provided by the text sheet website. It’s free like a text sheet, you have to pay 3 pay per month to access its services.


Sites like Textsheet have a school similar to a taxi sheet. It offers affordable one-to-one guidance. It provides a choice of tutors based on their qualifications and experience. There is a huge pool of tutors who are always ready to connect and help you.


It also offers the purchase of textbooks and test papers. It also offers lesson notes and several other courses for the school subject. Like textsheets, it also provides guidelines, translations. This can be considered as an alternative to a textsheet with a limited help option.


You get Guide

You are on translation with

The site is looking great


They have narrow support choices


Another platform like Text Sheet is Humboldt which offers research fellowships. A German research institute provides research support at various stages of one’s career. Even though it is like a text sheet in some services, it is not as free as a text sheet. In approximately 6 months 6 to 18, you must pay the amount of the fellowship is $ 3170.


The option of safe and secure tuition helps reduce stress from homework. It focuses on educating a better child.

In addition, a risk-free environment allows a lot of time savings.

Available professional tutors will guide you to study at your own pace. It’s time to learn with improved digital technology.

Book finder

Another site that works like a textsheet since 1997 is the Book Fund. This will help you find any book at a lower price with the help of cheap reading copy. You can refine your search by adding the year of publication and selecting “Show more options”. This can help you find used, rare and textbooks from all publishers.

School Solver

Another great alternative to textsheets is School Solver. An online platform that offers the opportunity to get the best assignments and school homework. Just like a text sheet, it provides the facility to ask questions which are answered by experts. It offers its services for money only.


We have seen the role of text sheet website in the life of students and also in this article we have seen the reason for its closure. And tried to prove to be the best alternative to the text sheet. They offered all the services offered by the text sheet and also included many other new services.