Best CPU Cooler For 12900k in 2022 by PC Power

The i9 11900K is one of the best processors Intel has to offer right now. However, this processor won’t perform well if you don’t pair it with a good cooler. You’ll need a really good cooler for i9 12900K to handle, and PC Power got the best of the best on this list. Here are the best coolers for 12900K and why you should get them:

Deepcool Assassin III:-

This product is the right choice for those looking for a high-end CPU cooler for their 12th Gen Intel processor. The first thing that can make a user happy or sick of a particular product is the installation. So this product here relieves busy users and beginners who don’t have much experience in setting up a CPU cooler. You can install this cooler in the easiest way.

The design is sleek and incorporates lights making it shine beautifully and a decent thing. In many ways, this item is the best alternative to the Noctua NH-D15. On top of that, it features an attached torsion plate to keep the cooler firm on its plate. The makers of this product, while styling it, kept in mind a user-friendly interface that dissipates maximum heat. However, this excellence makes it difficult for fans to buzz quietly. But the noise is neither piercing nor disturbing for the user, so you can call it quite bearable.

NZXT Kraken X63:-

Another brilliant cooler here is the NZXT Kraken X63. This product is finely packaged and protected, with each component separately wrapped in plastic sheets. The build quality is solid and the performance stable. NZXT CAM compatibility is one of the highlights of this cooler. The proven technologies of this cooler make it the elite item. There are no RGB fans, but the company provides you with a large infinity mirror and a set of accessories.

If your system is thriving and throttling to cope with the unpleasant heat, this cooler is the excellent all-around AIO cooler for i9 12900K that you should be looking for to satisfy the rig. This cooler does not affect FPS or over-clocking headroom in any way, but it still brings a revolutionary change in overall performance. This is because it lowers temperatures, so that the processor runs productively and quickly instead of falling prey to high temperatures.

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Arctic Liquid Freezer II:-

Choosing between the Arctic Liquid Freezer II and EK AIO Elite Liquid Coolers was a tough one. Eventually we decided the value of the 280mm Liquid Freezer II was too good to overlook. You are probably already familiar with Arctic, as they are the makers of MX-4 thermal paste. This Freezer II CPU Cooler has become very popular mainly due to its unique design and incredible value.

The company decided to go with their custom design for the pump. Many manufacturers do this so they don’t have to rely on Asetek for pump design. In the end, the results pay off, as it is quite a surprising success. This pump has an almost futuristic and extravagant design. It has a built-in cooling fan to circulate air over the CPU block. It also helps to cool down the motherboard heat-sinks and memory modules a bit.