Advantages and Disadvantages Of A Home Phone

Home Phone

Nobody wants a landline phone, right? In fact, most of us don’t have a landline phone, nowadays. Everyone just uses a cell phone. At least that’s what you think. However, you’ll be surprised to know that people do actually have home phones to this day. The reasons may differ from house to house, but we will tell you this much, it is quite convenient and reliable to have a home phone connection. Of course, we also have proof to back this statement.

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If you’re not convinced whether you should get the plan or not, you might change your mind after you’re done reading this article. So, without further ado, let’s start reading!

Advantages of Home Phones

Naturally, when put up against a cell phone, a landline cannot match and provide every feature as a cell phone does. However, a landline has its own perks that you can’t find in a cell phone. After all, why would we recommend getting a landline when you can manage everything from a cell phone? Let’s look at some of the features you can enjoy only with a home phone.

  1. Call Quality

A wired telephone connection is always better than a wireless one. This is just like with an internet connection when you use an Ethernet cable. There is less disturbance and you get much more work done due to a good connection. A home phone works much in the same way. You will especially notice this during stormy weather. If there is bad weather in your area, you will experience a loss of signals, but with a landline, you won’t experience that.

Many people might protest that cell phones are usually not much of a problem and most of the time, they don’t have any signal issues as well. This is true, but as we mentioned, in times of an emergency or a disaster, a landline works best.

  1. Reliability

During times of an emergency or any disaster, you can still use a landline since there won’t be any signal issues with it. Unless the cord is cut, you can ensure the reliability of a home phone, more than the cell phone. Moreover, your home phone is traceable making it easier for emergency or rescue teams to find you and reach you right away. Tracing a cell phone takes some more time.

  1. A Safe Home

More often than not, as parents, you might need to go to a party, a work conference, grocery shopping, or anywhere else, but you cannot just take the kids with you. While you can get a sitter for them, it is still a hassle and a waste of money, especially if your kids can very well manage themselves or are old enough. So, that cancels the problem of a babysitter, but what about communication? How are your kids going to contact you, if they don’t have a phone and something goes wrong?

For times like these, a landline is what works best. If your kids do not have cell phones, they can just use the home phone to contact you and update you. This way, you will also have the convenience to keep calling them and checking up on them. They can also call anyone else, like the police, in case anything should go wrong. And since the home phone is traced easily, authorities can respond to their cry and reach the home within minutes!

Disadvantages of Home Phones

Everything that has advantages has disadvantages too, right? A home phone, just like anything else, also has some drawbacks. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent ones.

  1. Long Distance = Large Bill

If you are someone who frequently needs to make long-distance calls to catch up with relatives and friends, a home phone may not be the thing you need. Long-distance calls can cost you a lot on a landline. In fact, it is much cheaper to place a long-distance call on your cell phone via the internet. So, in this case, the home phone fails the battle against cell phones.

One thing worth mentioning here is that there are some internet service providers that provide you with perks like ‘Free international calling’. If you are opting for a plan like this, you can go ahead and get the landline without any problem.

  1. Lack of Convenience

This point is pretty obvious and possibly the first point you would make. A cell phone can be carried anywhere and you can contact anyone at any time. The same does not apply to a landline. You are restricted to one place only and cannot just put your home phone in your purse for later, as it is stationary and cannot move. This restricts users from using it all the time and from anywhere.

  1. Spam Calls

Calling a cell phone number is illegal to telemarketers and so, that cannot be done. Home phone numbers, on the other hand, are a different story. Telemarketers have free access to home phone numbers, which means you might get a lot of spam calls.


So, what’s your verdict on the home phone now? Are you willing to get one now, as you’ve almost finished reading this blog? Surely, you have now understood how the home phone is sometimes more beneficial and more important than a cell phone.

Of course, we don’t mean for you to discard your cell phone now and just get a landline. As per the disadvantages of the home phone, it is better to keep and rely on both. Now, you just need to go and sign up for the home phone plan!