6 Critical Tips to Prevent Vision Loss

Prevent Vision Loss

The eyes are the most delicate and sensitive organ in the body. They are exposed to a number of environmental factors, such as dust, pollutants, harmful UV rays, infections, etc., that can lead to several common eye problems that, if left untreated, can lead to vision loss. Here is a compilation of solutions to prevent vision loss.

Know your family’s history and consult an eye doctor

Did you know that more than 3 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with glaucoma? The National Eye Institute estimates that this number will reach 4.7 million by 2030. While there are plenty of things you can do to help prevent the onset of glaucoma, the best thing you can do is be proactive. It would help if you got your eyes examined by an eye doctor at least once a year.

Another leading cause of blindness worldwide is macular degeneration, and it is on the rise throughout the country. According to the American Foundation for the Blind, one of the most common causes of macular degeneration is hereditary. If you are a senior citizen and have noticed that your vision is not what it used to be, you may want to consult with an eye doctor to determine if you are at risk for macular degeneration.

Get a detailed eye exam

Your eye care professional should use a dilated eye exam to determine the health of your eye. This test uses eye drops to widen the pupil and allows your eye doctor to see areas of your retina that may not be seen otherwise. A dilated eye exam is especially important for people who are at high risk for developing glaucoma, such as people who have a family history of glaucoma, are over the age of 60, or have diabetes. In addition to a complete dilated exam, you may be asked to undergo other tests to check for signs of glaucoma.

Maintain blood sugar

Vision loss is a common problem with many causes. One of the main causes of vision loss is diabetes. Many people do not know that diabetes, if not well controlled, leads to several vision problems. The National Eye Institute says that patients with diabetes have a 2 to 4 times greater chance of developing serious eye problems when compared to people without diabetes. This is because diabetes affects the blood vessels in the retina. When the blood vessels are damaged, vision loss can occur. This damage can prevent the retina from getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Don’t strain your eyes while working on a screen

Staring at screens can be a real eyesore and a major cause of headaches, blurred vision and even permanent vision loss. If you spend more than 4 hours a day working on a screen, you risk developing a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). CVS is a group of eye and vision-related issues caused by too much screen time and improper screen use.

Most people don’t realize this, but when you look at a computer screen, your eyes are forced to focus on a single point for a long period of time. This can strain your eyes and lead to long-term vision issues. Experts recommend you look away from the screen every 20-30 minutes to give your eyes a break.

Wear protective eyewear

Wearing protective eyewear is possibly one of the most important things that you can do to protect your vision. When you’re outside, you should always wear sunglasses, even if it’s cloudy. If you have an eye condition such as glaucoma, you should wear sunglasses all the time.

Eat well

According to research, more than 20% of the adult population in the United States experience some form of vision loss. Although it is never too late to take care of your eyes, there are many things that you should do in order to reduce your risk of vision loss, starting with simply eating a well-balanced diet.

If you’re eating poorly, you’re much more likely to experience vision problems in the future. The reason for this is that the nutrients in the food that you eat can help to protect your eyesight. By eating a healthy diet, you’re giving your body the essential nutrients that it needs to fight off eye problems.