Types of Warehouse Automation Solutions You Should’ve Known About Last Year

Warehouse Automation Solutions

Since the Internet came to life, the supply chain industry has developed a stronger relationship with warehouse automation solutions. That’s why you need to go in that direction as soon as possible. In fact, every sector of the economy and all aspects of human life is gravitating towards automation.

Automation Systems in Action

Big players like Amazon have, since 2012, been using internet-connected robots in their warehouses to replace humans in moving around and picking customer-ordered solutions. Now, the e-commerce giant saves close to $22 million in costs for each automated warehouse. Mind-blowing!

Also, they stopped selling the robots externally so that, you guessed it, others wouldn’t catch up with them! How about that? If Amazon is that much of a sucker for technology, it’s safe to say that warehouse automation is worth it.

Now, if you need to maintain a competitive advantage over other market players, have these three warehouse automation solutions in mind:

Pick-to-Light Systems

These use barcodes and exceptional LED lighting (like snake lights) to help your workers locate the correct item quickly. Such a solution improves productivity and dramatically reduces the time to fulfill an order.

Drone Technology

Drones can hover over the stock in the warehouse to conduct inventory counts and alert your staff when a product needs restocking. That helps immensely, especially if you’re dealing with numerous items.

Sortation Systems

A sortation system will direct each item to the correct location to avoid errors in your warehouse. To do that well, it comes embedded with a technology to help it identify and separate things, which saves you a tonne of labor costs.