Try To Gather Details about CareCloud, Its Partner, and Why Use Clear Data


In this modern age, there are more companies available. People work in this these companies to provide a better service for the customers. The interchanges maybe if various works with more employees. 

If you hire these companies, you can gain more benefits and services from talented experts. Likewise, CareCloud is the leading information technology company in this environment. It is a healthcare information technology company that offers comprehensive software services to help medical groups. These services are helpful for groups to increase revenue, streamline workflow and modernize the patient experience.


Know about the CareCloud and challenges this firm faced:


CareCloud is the best provider of cloud-based revenue cycle management. They also provide practice management, electronic health records, and patient engagement solutions for high-performance medical groups. This agency also serves more medical professionals working as many medical officers and manages various accounts receivable on its integrated clinical and financial platform. 


These care cloud-hosted many of its key services in physical data centers. Unfortunately, this strategy prevents the Miami-based company from being an innovative one. Here in this enterprise, there are a lot of teams to manage the collocated data centers to spend valuable time, money, and energy maintaining our platform. The company’s main goal is to offer new applications and user experiences to make the entire job of the physician a better one. 


Why the CareCloud choose clear DATA as its partner?


CareCloud chooses to make a partnership with clear data. And it is the amazon web services that have an advanced consulting partner and healthcare competency, partner. This clear Data is useful to run its health care managed cloud on the AWS. Clear data provides highly secure, direct access to the AWS API to provide the customers full control of their environments. It also reduces the risk through clear Data’s compliance dashboard. Their securities standards are built into the dashboard and are aligned with the control in the cyber security framework. In addition, it is designed to exceed minimum HIPAA requirements. 


This care cloud is migrated its practice management application platform to the clear data healthcare managed cloud on AWS. The migration takes four hours to complete, followed by several days of fine-tuning the database interface. This care cloud also reports a noticeable performance improvement after migration. Cloud care additionally uses the clear DATA automation stack to derive down provisioning times. It also stores the HIPAA-compliant images, and it takes advantage of the clear data service which supports regular integration and deployment efforts. 


Why the cloud care runs its application on clear data?


While running its applications on the clear DATA healthcare managed cloud on AWS, CareCloud can innovate more rapidly. But instead of focusing on managing IT operations, it is focused on developing innovative software for the users. This CareCloud can automatically scale to meet large spikes in application traffic. You can also gain the elasticity to scale up quickly to meet our user’s needs. So, you can support the big jumps in application traffic.