This Will Fundamentally Change the Way You Look at Cannabis


In 2021, about  7.1% of 8th graders consumed marijuana in the U.S., and 18% of Americans used it at least once in 2019. When the cannabis market was already booming, the invention of solventless vape pens changed the whole game. Now, you no longer need to hide the smell of your cannabis consumption from your friends and family. These vape pens are a safe and convenient way to consume cannabis. Because instead of burning cannabis, which releases smoke into the air, vapes like California solventless vaporize the active ingredients for extra potency.

What is a Solventless Vape Pen?

A solventless vape pen is produced with water, heat, and ice as the catalysts. In short, they are cannabis extracts without chemicals, which makes them the cleanest way to enjoy the high. Additionally, they provide higher potency and more complex flavors.

Who is it for?

Solventless vape pens can be used by anyone, even newbies! Using them is simple and does not require prior technical knowledge.

What’s Next?

Due to the lack of quality resources, there aren’t many solventless vaporizers available on the market. However, more and more distillers are making use of live rosin and accommodating consumer needs. These vapes not only offer a great alternative to traditional methods but have the potential to bring in new flavors and increase sales. So, grab one and enjoy!