Things to Know About Family-Based Immigration Process in the US

Family-Based Immigration Process

Immigrants are the reason for keeping families apart in many instances. While some families get lucky with the process, a small mistake made by the other might end your chances to be with your family. Without taking a chance it is best to hire an immigration attorney who will get you the immigration so you can be with your family. There are some important steps that you need to take while you are applying for family-based immigration that will help you. These tips are offered by a Dallas family immigration lawyer who has prolonged years of experience in dealing with family-based immigration. 

  • You have to go through a medical examination stated by immigration laws while applying for an immigration visa. 
  • The person who is applying for the visa must be a resident of the US or LPR.
  • The sponsor must be financially stable to support their family. 
  • The sponsor must attain the age of 18 or above. 
  • If the sponsor is not able to meet the financial criteria, they can have a joint sponsor. 
  • There is no limitation to the immediate family (parents, child, spouse) but if the family member is not directly related to the sponsor, the visa is limited.

Is Getting A Family-Based Immigration Visa A Lengthy Process?

The family immigration process is quite lengthy and can take a long time. It might take you months or years to get your family by your side. However, if you want to make the process faster you can take help from an immigration attorney. 

An immigration attorney will help you with the process of visa application and ensure that you meet all the requirements to attain the visa. Attorneys dealing with visas and immigration have been in the market for a long time and they are well aware of the strings that must be pulled to get the job done. 


The country border keeping you away from your family is already a burden on your soul, further, the visa process is another tolling activity. Getting family-based immigration is tough and lengthy. In order to get your grounds cleared, hire an immigration attorney. 

With an attorney by your side, the chances of getting your family beside you can get a lot less time-consuming and easier. If you are confused about whether or not to hire an attorney, reach out to the lawyer who allows you to have free first consultations and be sure if you need them or not.