Princess Jasmine Costume Fashion Nova: A Fashionable Take on a Classic Disney Character

Disney has been a part of our lives since childhood, and the characters from these timeless stories have always been a source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts. One such character is Princess Jasmine from the movie Aladdin. Her bold and beautiful style has been a favorite among fans for years, and now, thanks to Fashion Nova, you can bring her iconic look to life with their Princess Jasmine Costume.

Section 1: The Design

The Princess Jasmine Costume from Fashion Nova is a stunning recreation of the character’s iconic outfit. The costume features a blue crop top with gold detailing, paired with matching harem pants and a sheer blue skirt overlay. The outfit also comes with a gold headpiece and a matching waistband to complete the look.

The design of the costume is both elegant and playful, capturing the essence of Princess Jasmine’s character perfectly. The blue color of the outfit is reminiscent of the night sky, while the gold detailing adds a touch of royalty to the ensemble. The harem pants and sheer skirt overlay add movement and flow to the outfit, making it perfect for dancing and twirling just like Princess Jasmine.

Section 2: The Fit

One of the most important aspects of any costume is the fit, and Fashion Nova has ensured that their Princess Jasmine Costume fits like a dream. The costume is available in sizes ranging from XS to 3X, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect fit.

The crop top is designed to be form-fitting, with adjustable straps to ensure that it stays in place throughout the night. The harem pants are loose-fitting and comfortable, with an elastic waistband that provides a snug fit without being too tight. The sheer skirt overlay adds an extra layer of flowy fabric, creating a stunning silhouette that flatters all body types.

Section 3: The Quality

When it comes to costumes, quality is key. You want a costume that will last through multiple wears and still look as good as new. Fashion Nova’s Princess Jasmine Costume is made with high-quality materials that ensure longevity and durability.

The crop top and harem pants are made with a stretchy and breathable fabric that is comfortable to wear for extended periods. The sheer skirt overlay is made with a lightweight and flowy material that adds movement to the outfit without weighing it down. The gold detailing on the costume is also of high quality, ensuring that it won’t fade or tarnish over time.

Section 4: Styling the Costume

The Princess Jasmine Costume from Fashion Nova is versatile and can be styled in many different ways. For a more traditional look, pair the costume with gold sandals and a statement necklace. Add some bangles and earrings to complete the look.

For a more modern take on the outfit, pair the harem pants with a white crop top and some strappy heels. Add a denim jacket for a casual yet chic look. The headpiece from the costume can also be worn as a statement accessory with any outfit.


Fashion Nova’s Princess Jasmine Costume is a stunning recreation of one of Disney’s most iconic characters. The design captures the essence of Princess Jasmine’s character perfectly, while the fit and quality ensure that the costume will last through multiple wears. With its versatility, the costume can be styled in many different ways, making it perfect for any occasion. Bring your childhood dreams to life with Fashion Nova’s Princess Jasmine Costume.