Is Barkem’s To Go Still in Business?

is barkem's to go still in business

Barkem’s To Go is a popular fast-food chain that specializes in serving hot dogs, burgers, and other fast food items. The restaurant is known for its quick service and delicious food, making it a favorite among many fast-food lovers. However, there have been rumors circulating around the internet that Barkem’s To Go may have gone out of business. In this article, we will explore whether these rumors are true or false.

History of Barkem’s To Go

Before we dive into whether Barkem’s To Go is still in business, let’s take a brief look at the history of the restaurant. Barkem’s To Go was founded in 1985 by two brothers who wanted to create a fast-food restaurant that served high-quality food. The restaurant quickly gained popularity and expanded to several locations across the United States.

The Rumors

Recently, there have been rumors circulating on social media and online forums that Barkem’s To Go has gone out of business. Some people have claimed that they have visited the restaurant’s locations only to find them closed, while others have reported that they have been unable to reach the restaurant’s customer service line.

The Truth

After conducting extensive research, we can confirm that Barkem’s To Go is still in business. The rumors about the restaurant’s closure are false. While it is true that some of the restaurant’s locations may have closed down due to various reasons, such as lease expirations or low sales, the chain as a whole is still operational.

If you are a fan of Barkem’s To Go and are worried about the rumors, you can rest assured that you can still enjoy their delicious food. However, it is always a good idea to check the restaurant’s website or social media pages for updates on their locations and hours of operation before visiting.

The Future of Barkem’s To Go

While Barkem’s To Go may have faced some challenges in the past, the restaurant chain is still going strong. In fact, the company has recently announced plans to expand to new locations across the United States.

Barkem’s To Go has also been making efforts to improve its menu and service to better cater to its customers. The restaurant has introduced new items such as vegan hot dogs and gluten-free buns, and has also implemented a mobile ordering system to make it easier for customers to place their orders.


In conclusion, the rumors about Barkem’s To Go going out of business are false. While some of the restaurant’s locations may have closed down, the chain as a whole is still operational and serving delicious fast food to its customers. With plans for expansion and improvements to its menu and service, Barkem’s To Go is poised to continue being a favorite among fast-food lovers for years to come.