Introducing Sarvann: A Promising Punjabi Movie Trailer

Sarvann is an upcoming Punjabi movie that has been creating a buzz in the film industry ever since its trailer was released. The movie is directed by Karaan Guliani and produced by Priyanka Chopra under her production banner, Purple Pebble Pictures. The movie stars Amrinder Gill, Ranjit Bawa, and Simi Chahal in lead roles. The trailer of Sarvann has garnered a lot of attention from the audience and critics alike. In this article, we will take a closer look at the trailer and analyze what makes it so promising.

The Storyline

The trailer of Sarvann starts with a young boy named Mithu who lives in Canada with his parents. Mithu is sent to India to learn about his roots and culture. However, things take a dramatic turn when Mithu gets caught up in a criminal conspiracy. The trailer showcases Mithu’s journey as he tries to navigate through the unfamiliar territory and find his way back home.

The storyline of Sarvann is not entirely unique, but it has been executed in a way that makes it stand out from other movies in the same genre. The trailer promises a gripping and emotional story that will keep the audience hooked till the end.

The Performances

One of the highlights of the Sarvann trailer is the performances of the lead actors. Amrinder Gill, who plays the role of Mithu’s father, delivers a powerful performance that is sure to leave a lasting impact on the audience. Ranjit Bawa, who plays the role of a police officer, also impresses with his acting skills. Simi Chahal, who plays the female lead, looks promising in her brief appearance in the trailer.

The chemistry between the actors is another aspect that stands out in the trailer. The emotional scenes between Amrinder Gill and Mithu are particularly heartwarming and showcase the bond between a father and son.

The Direction and Cinematography

Karaan Guliani, the director of Sarvann, has done an excellent job in bringing the story to life on the screen. The trailer is well-paced, and the scenes flow seamlessly from one to another. The cinematography is also top-notch, with beautiful shots of the Canadian landscape and the vibrant streets of India.

The use of lighting and color grading is also worth mentioning. The scenes set in Canada have a cool, blue tone, while the scenes set in India have a warm, yellow tone. This contrast in color grading helps to differentiate between the two locations and adds to the overall visual appeal of the trailer.

The Music

The music in the Sarvann trailer is composed by Jatinder Shah, who is known for his work in Punjabi cinema. The background score is haunting and adds to the overall mood of the trailer. The use of traditional Punjabi instruments like the dhol and tumbi gives the music a distinct Punjabi flavor.

The trailer also features a song titled “Ni Mainu” sung by Amrinder Gill. The song is soulful and complements the emotional scenes in the trailer perfectly. The lyrics are in Punjabi, but even non-Punjabi speakers will be able to appreciate the melody and emotions conveyed through the song.


In conclusion, the trailer of Sarvann is a promising glimpse into what looks like a well-crafted movie. The storyline, performances, direction, cinematography, and music all come together to create a compelling trailer that has generated a lot of excitement among the audience. With Priyanka Chopra backing the project, Sarvann has all the ingredients to become a successful movie and make a mark in the Punjabi film industry.