Interesting Uses of a Lanyard

Interesting Uses of a Lanyard

Lanyards have been popular for decades. We will never stop using them in business and daily use. If you don’t know what a lanyard is, it refers to sewing a certain length of material into a loop and the end is equipped with a hook or clip, which is ten worn around the neck, and the ID card or key is hung on the end.

Lanyards are made of various materials, but polyester fiber is the top priority among companies looking for comfortable and affordable lanyard material roll at the same time. Many business owners choose to use logos, company names, contact information, and other information that may be included in the lanyards to personalize these materials.

Lanyards as Promotional Items

When people walk around with keys or electronic devices on the lanyard, the printable area of ​​what they are using is flat, right in the eyes of others. You can add a website address and keep it as short and simple as possible to create an easy to remember URL that people can visit later. Even after seeing your lanyard, they can even write a phone number on it. Or, for the actual technicians, you can generate a QR code and print your screen on the lanyard. Your staff can tell people to “scan the lanyard to visit our website.” Thus, lanyards can act as great promotional tools for your business.

Uses of Lanyards

As mentioned, lanyards have a lot of different uses, and some of them are mentioned below.

Conference Identification

A meeting or event may not be free for everyone. In this case, you will want to be able to identify the person who originally intended to be there, or you may have a VIP or representative group, or your area of ​​access is restricted. You can use simple lanyards printed in different colors to identify people with different security access rights or color-coded tag hanging on the clip.


As mentioned above, print your logo, brand, or contact information along your lanyard, so your staff can or meeting visitors can see your logo. This can improve people’s awareness, when after the event, people use the lanyard at home or near the office. Staff will wear them during their lunch break or wear them when they are not working, and that is a great advertisement for your business.


ID cards or swipe cards are required to enter safe places. Sometimes even RFID chips or cards can be hung from a lanyard and worn by employees around their necks to make it easier for them to use the ID cards and prevent loss, which may in some cases be a disaster. Not to mention, RFID chips will cost a lot. If you lose them, you don’t want to replace RFID chips that are worth more than $ 100.

Hospital Staff

Some lanyards also have a safety device to prevent strangulation when someone grabs the lanyard or hangs it from machinery or equipment. These are excellent in medical institutions and government agencies due to their high level of security and in some cases can free the hands of nurses and medical personnel.

Holding Digital Devices

Mobile phones and tablets are very fragile and slippery, so it is better to use a lanyard to secure them. Losing control is one of the most common mistakes in your life, so to avoid minor accidents like dropping and breaking the screen of your precious device, keep it tight and secure. You can choose a thicker lanyard for this purpose.

Gift Items

Lanyards can also be used as a good gift. It is very useful and will not disappoint the people who attend the party, especially if it is an adult. Adults will always like things that are used on a daily basis, rather than trivial things, which will only be placed on the table and collect dust.

Hygiene Assistant

Lanyard is very important as a hygiene assistant, especially for children. They can hold little bottles of hand sanitizer at the end so your child can easily carry them with them. You can use your hand sanitizer at any time, and say goodbye to dirty hands and nasty microorganisms, which is very convenient. You can also hang a small bag of wet tissues on the cord and get the same effect.

These are some uses of lanyards tat goes well beyond using it for hanging IDs around the neck. If you are looking for high-quality lanyard material roll at affordable prices, you can always turn to us for the best products.