Hunting Dog Breeds and Four Speeding in Slovakia

Hunting Dog Breeds and Four Speeding in Slovakia

A 31-year-old man from Senice, Slovakia ended up in the doghouse after he was spotted by police letting his brown hunting dog take the wheel while he sped down the road, the Slovak Police Force said Friday.

A police speed camera snapped a photo of the dog “smiling beautifully into the camera” and “obediently sitting behind the wheel of a Škoda and peering through the windshield at promising young deer,” said the police in a Facebook post.

The owner of the dog insisted that his dog had suddenly jumped into his lap before the picture was taken, but the police said that the film showed there was no sudden movement in the car. The man was caught on the spot for violating traffic regulations.

Police urge drivers to keep their furry friends and themselves safe while driving
The Slovak Police Force advised the drivers traveling with their pups to ensure that both the dogs and the passengers are safe. “Even a small animal can endanger your life and health while driving,” warned police.

The police added that there are a number of protective systems pet owners can use to keep everyone safe in the car.

Last year, a man was arrested near Jerusalem after the video was published on social media showing him letting his dog drive his car.