How Tall is Elsa? Exploring the Height of the Famous Disney Princess

For many Disney fans, Elsa is a beloved and iconic character. From her coronation in the 2013 hit movie Frozen, to her appearance in the 2019 sequel Frozen II, Elsa has captivated audiences around the world with her powerful singing voice, icy magical powers, and empowering story. But one question that many fans have is: how tall is Elsa? In this article, we will explore the height of Elsa and other important details about her size.

How Tall is Elsa?

The official height of Elsa is 5’7”. This is the height of the character as specified by Disney and Frozen production staff. However, this is also the height of actress Idina Menzel, who voiced and performed motion capture for the character. Some may assume that Elsa appears to be taller than 5’7” due to the massive size of her hairdo and the fact that she is often seen wearing large heels. However, this is simply an illusion created by the filmmakers.

Exploring the Height of Other Characters in Frozen

In the Frozen films, Elsa is not the only character whose height is specified. Anna, her sister, is also given an official height of 5’3”. This is the height of Kristen Bell, the actress who provided the voice for Anna in the films. Olaf, the adorable snowman, is three feet tall. The height of the trolls living in the Valley of the Living Rock is not specified, but it is safe to assume that they are shorter than the human characters.

How Does Elsa’s Height Compare to Real People?

Elsa’s height is considered to be average for a woman her age. In the real world, the average height of a woman between the ages of 20 and 29 is 5’4”. Therefore, Elsa is slightly taller than average. Anna is also slightly taller than average, but Olaf is significantly shorter than his human counterparts.

Does Elsa’s Height Change Over the Course of the Movies?

No, Elsa’s height does not change throughout the Frozen films. Despite the fact that she grows older, her height remains the same. This is because the filmmakers used the same actress and motion capture for the character throughout both movies.


In conclusion, Elsa is officially 5’7” tall, which is considered to be slightly above average for a woman her age. This height does not change throughout the Frozen films, as it is the height of the actress who provided the voice and motion capture for the character. In comparison to the other characters in the movies, Elsa and Anna are both slightly taller than average, while Olaf is significantly shorter.