Home Furnishings Galore! Saudi Arabia

Home Furnishings Galore

All in all, it is not just how we drape ourselves, but also the drapes for our windows and doors, curtains in the washrooms, mats and carpets, bedroom and living room furnishings that we need to take care of. H&M has also taken note of this basic requirement and provided ample choices to choose from. Tens, twenties or plenty of products for your home, at H&M!

Let us see some of the products on display and why we require them. Do you like change in your surroundings, just like periodical change in your attire?! Plethora of options for each and every thing that you find in your home. Right from your kitchen to the washing room, living room to the bed room, windows to doors through floors, all are available at one place – H&M!

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A door mat is not just a piece of cloth. The basic requirement of the mat is to clean the feet off the dust and moisture – dust if we are coming into the house or moisture if from the bathroom or washroom. Apart from this basic requirement the mat should also be looking good in its appearance – the color, texture, design, pattern, shape and size. Mat can be made from different materials like cotton, rubber base mats for anti-skidding, acrylic mats, microfibre material-based mats etc.  The tasselled mat is woven from sturdy cotton with tassels all along its shorter sides. The mat comes with anti-skid protection underneath and has tufts of graphic patterns on top.

Cotton Pile Rug

A rug is a heavy fabric that is quite thicker and used to cover the floor. The making of the rug determines its cost. The longer that it takes to make a rug, the costlier it will turn out to be. Machine made rugs would be comparatively cheaper. Long lasting rugs will be costlier. Small or big, coloured or otherwise, designed or plain, cotton or wool, a rug is essential to keep us warm by the floor or even absorb sounds to a good extent. The cotton pile rug is softer bulkier and offers cozy flooring to even sit on.

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Chenille Blanket

A blanket is large enough to cover the whole body and gives great warmth in cold season. Blankets cam be made from wool, cotton, or polyester. Blanket is different from quilts; while quilts are far thicker due to three layers sewn together and blankets are single layered. Blankets come in different colors and design patterns. Choose a dark colored blanket for a light-colored room. A cotton blanket or fleece is apt for an airconditioned room whereas, a winter blanket or thick woolen blanket is apt for the winter cool air. A chenille blanket is made of soft chenille yarn and has fringes all along the shorter sides. The big checks in contrasting colors gives a suitable arrangement for the bedroom.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are used in the bathrooms to help prevent water from getting sprayed all over and wetting the bathroom. In some bathrooms, the jacuzzi is separated from the rest of the bathroom with the shower curtains. They also add aesthetic value to the bathroom! Trendy and stylish shower curtains enliven the bath space and give you a soothing time showering in there. You can have either a single curtain or double curtains, plain or multicolored, striped or floral printed, translucent or opaque, eyelets or strap loops to hang. Mostly made of PVC or nylon or polyester, since they have to be waterproofed.

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Window Curtains

Curtains or drapes help make a window, complete. Used to cover the window to cut the extra light of the day, prevent dust while windows are open, allow air flow, create fantastic décor. Window curtains come in various colors, designs, patterned prints, fabrics, and lengths. Depending the fabrics, some curtains need be dry cleaned while others can be machine washed. The height of the curtain can either be more than the window frame or just about touching the bottom frame. Similarly, the length can be just about the width of window frame or lengthier to form frills or pleats.

And, many more. Glassware and tablecloths for tabletop décor and arrangement, porcelain and kitchenware, storage and furniture, candles, candleholders and decoration items, cushions and furnishings, and the list goes on and on. Have a H&M KSA Promo Code in hand and start shopping online for all your home needs, at H&M.