Four Kinds of Commercial Litigation You Will Need an Attorney For

Commercial Litigation You Will Need an Attorney For

Commercial litigation covers all legal disputes that involve commercial entities and arise out of corporate law. A lot of state and federal laws regulate businesses. Companies that are accused of not fulfilling their obligations or breaching legal duty can face lawsuits. Also, if other companies or individuals violate a company’s rights, the latter can sue these parties as the plaintiff. 

Regardless of the kind of business dispute that arises, getting representation from a commercial litigation attorney like Andrew Mongelluzzi is important. Whether you want to resolve a case through a settlement, arbitration, or court trial, you need an experienced lawyer to offer you aggressive representation. The following are the common kinds of complex commercial litigation:

Intellectual Property Disputes

Copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and trademark laws protect a company’s intellectual property. You may have to sue a party for misusing your intellectual property or be sued for violating the IP rights of another party. Usually, disputes that involve intellectual property hinge on complicated details and technical situations. In this type of case, you need a lawyer who has unmatched experience in it. 

Employment Disputes

The law protects employment relationships. When employees sign a contract with your company, they may have certain obligations to fulfill such as protecting trade secrets. Also, you should make sure you comply with discrimination laws as well as fair wage and hours laws. You can be sued by an employee who thinks you treated them fairly. 

Customer Lawsuits

Customers can sue your company for defective products or breach of warranty. The majority of products come with implied warranties. Also, you may offer express warranties for the products you sell on the market. Often, defective products and breach of warranty claims involve several plaintiffs who take legal action against your company together. 

Breach of Contract Cases

Business contracts crate private law. If a party involved in a contract does not fulfill their obligation as stipulated in the contract or misrepresents their intentions, they can face a breach of contract lawsuit. This party can seek equitable remedies or monetary payments for the losses they sustain due to the breach. There are many business contracts and agreements you may enter into. And to ensure you know your rights and protect your interests, you should have an attorney draft or review all of your contracts. 

Everything from fraud claims to false advertising and violations of securities law can result in civil and criminal actions. If you need legal help with any kind of commercial litigation, hire a skilled attorney who specializes in it.

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