Flat.mx 20m Series Insights Anthemis StartUpsANN

Flat.mx 20m Series Insights Anthemis StartUpsANN

The Flat.mx 20m Series seeks to understand the impact and successes of Anthemis StartUpsANN by reporting on the activities taking place in their venture capital and angel investor portfolio of companies. This report draws from interviews conducted with the founders of the companies being supported, as well as research conducted with existing tech and business analyst reports. We hope this report provides an in-depth look into the potential impact of the investment and growth of the companies while highlighting lessons learned and advised going forward.

Overview of the Flat.mx 20m Series:

The Flat.mx 20m Series, launched in 2017 and created in collaboration with venture capital firm Anthemis StartUpsANN, aims to dissect the successes and impacts from the venture-backed companies within the portfolio. Through this effort, the series endeavors to provide valuable insights into the progression and scalability of the investment. The 20m allotted from Flat.mx focuses on providing insight into the venture capital industry and its impact on the startup world. Anthemis StartUpsANN is a venture capital firm led by a group of investors that specialize in creating value for their portfolio companies through a broad range of investments.

History and Development of Anthemis StartUpsANN:

Anthemis StartUpsANN was founded in 2014 by a group of venture capitalists, who all possess experience in the sectors of technology, consumer key, retail, and business sector industries. The company has developed into a premium venture-capital firm that helps with both established and early-stage companies.

The company’s outlook is ambitious and its mission is to explore new avenues in technology and venture capital that have yet to be explored. With the Flat.mx 20m Series, the company specifically seeks to identify and report on the successes and impacts of their portfolio companies. Anthemis StartUpsANN has found success in their investments, having achieved a total return of 1.3 billion USD so far.

Analyzing the Impact of the Flat.mx 20m Series:

The Flat.mx 20m Series serves to analyze and understand the immediate and broad effects of the venture capital investments. This is accomplished through in-depth interviews with each company, developed in collaboration between founders and venture capitalists.

Additionally, researchers evaluate the performance of the venture capital portfolio and review business and technical reports of the portfolio companies. Through this research, the series provides investors and entrepreneurs with comprehensive knowledge about the investments’ impacts and successes.

Successes of Anthemis StartUpsANN Investment Portfolio:

A handful of companies have proven to be the most successful from the Anthemis StartUpsANN portfolio. Wyze Labs, for example, is a leading producer of smart home technology products and has achieved over 39 million USD in returns for the portfolio. There are four additional companies — AVL, BeyondVerbal, Perfecto, and RunRepeat — that boast similar successes and help demonstrate the significance of properly managed and well-executed venture capital portfolios.

In addition to the dollar-amount returns, there are a variety of intangible successes to consider. Of course, each successful investment further reinforces the credibility of the venture capitalist and its portfolio; this sort of trust is invaluable. Furthermore, many of these investments have yielded incredible personal and professional experiences and lessons for all involved.


To conclude our report, the Flat.mx 20m Series has provided an in-depth look into the potential impact and successes of the venture capital industry, as demonstrated by the experiences of Anthemis StartUpsANN. The Series shined a light on the important role venture capitalist and angel investors play in the world of start-ups, and with the high returns experienced by companies in the portfolio, further demonstrated the importance of the special investments offered by the latter group.

Going further, we recommend that those interested in investments with venture capitalist and angel investors should assess their risks, analyze current opportunities in the markets, and develop their understanding of the environment before making their own investments. Additionally, the series has highlighted the key role of founders in the success of the investments made and further emphasizes the importance of their research and development of the businesses.

Finally, both venture capitalists and founders must seek to build relationships with each other beyond the scope of their initial investments, with the understanding that their collective success is dependent upon collaboration, trust, and understanding.