Best Unisex Haircuts for Men and Short Hairstyles for Women

Haircuts for Men and Short Hairstyles for Women

The pool of stylish hair looks is getting bigger by the day. However, the division between male and female cuts is unacceptable in modern society. The world begs for gender-neutral looks that are edgy and stylish at the same time. If you browse around the fashion shows and other cultural events, you’ll see that more and more often, ladies pull off haircuts that have been considered male and vice versa.

While the modern world is taking its natural course, it’s high time you learn about those short hairstyles that can be worn by any trendy lady of the century.


It is difficult to imagine the world of short haircuts without a pixie on the list. Every girl knows that when she’s about to change the style dramatically, the first option to consider is an ultra-versatile pixie. With the range of countless types for each face shape and hair type, the cut can be suited and personalized. Want to bring your eyes out – not a problem as long as the hairdresser chooses the right style. However, not everyone knows that a pixie originated as trendy haircuts for men a long time ago. These days, clean-shaved and fashionable men wear the style with ease too. So, if you want to know which short hairstyle is a number-one unisex cut – pixie should be it.

Top Knot

If the pixie was designed for gentlemen originally, a top knot has always been in for the ladies. It’s amazing how something as simple as the look can represent so many different things. The knot looks classy and elegant on women, but on men, it is the icon of masculinity and borderline edginess. Add a stylish beard to the mix, and the effect will be breathtaking. Besides, the look can be pulled off with either a long or short mane just as easily.


Here comes a look that can’t be pulled off by everyone. Not because it is designed for one gender particularly, but because the hair texture is pre-determining here. Other than that, there are no restrictions here. As a matter of fact, the sexiest ladies and gents of black origin throughout history pulled the style out and not you get it why. Another advantage of the style is that it remains outside fashion. This means that the afro is always on the top of the list, no matter the ever-changing hair trends.


Yes, this is one of those haircuts that can’t be worn by everyone. There is a list of factors that may forbid the hairstyle since some dress codes are against it. Other than that, dreads look gorgeous on any man or woman with long or short, not to mention medium hair length. While looking amazing on their own, dreadlocks can be put into various braided and other hairstyles to emphasize their versatility. Surely, from the beginning, men were the only ones to dare and pull off the looks, but these days all the limits are off.


The chances are that you have already heard about the cut, and you certainly admire the way stylish gents wear it. However, these days the style is usually incorporated in fashionable and trendy women’s looks as well. You can think of all sorts of pixies with an incorporated undercut if you like, but the look is purely gorgeous. Besides, you can always rock the style together with your significant other and look overly lovely and edgy at the same time. Think about it!


This is not actually a cut but a dyeing technique that has been on the verge of popularity for a while now. Most people may have heard about it once referred to women. However, times are changing, and these days, the male population tends to adopt most coloring techniques and put them to use. If you think about it, there is rarely anything more tempting than a light balayage on a chin-length hair sported by a true Viking of a modern man. What’s more, ladies with balayage look elegant and feminine.

Slicked Back Haircut

While we have mentioned that cuts like dreadlocks are out of some dress codes, such a cut as a casual slick-back screams a stylish lad in formal wear, carrying business briefcases and spreading the confident, magnetic vibe alfa.

Nevertheless, we are talking about androgynous cuts here, so it means that ladies refer to this type of cut more and more often today too. There is nothing out of place here since the cut looks equally fabulous on businesswomen too. Keep in mind that a dark-haired lady with a slick-back would project strength and courage, let alone freedom.

Side Cut

It is incredible how most metalhead world attributes are making their way into modern hair fashion, don’t you think? A side cut has been reserved for the underground stage for a while, and it was considered bold and daring. Modern society has accepted the notion and altered the vibe it carries. This means that the look can be freely sported by both men and women and can be even incorporated into the strictest dress code without looking out of place. The variety of do’ and styles to create with the cut is overwhelmingly great, and that is yet another advantage why you need to consider it the next time you head to the salon.

Dandy Cut

The chances are that most of you are unaware of what the cut stands for. The thing is that the haircut comes with a visible retro flair to it so that many leave it out. The main idea behind the look is that it spreads a sophisticated and handsome vibe. If you think about it – it’s enough to welcome the look back, but there’s more to it.

While back in the day, men sported the dandy with ease, these days, women use it as a distinctive representation of feminism and female power. The cut is an easy-maintenance one and suits well those with wavy and fine hair most. You can update the look with a bunch of coloring techniques and make the look your own just like.