Are Different Genders At More Of A Risk To Heart Disease?

Heart Disease

Men and women respond in different ways to various heart ailments and conditions. Let’s read the blog to find out which gender is at more risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Research studies indicate that men are more prone to developing cardiovascular diseases than women. They were twice as likely to have heart attacks and failures.

Delving Deeper Into Cardiovascular Heart Diseases

Cause Deaths

Every year, many people die of heart disease. Men develop cardiovascular diseases at an alarming rate more than women and are prone to heart issues.

Many of them die due to the adverse effects of heart disease and also because they develop some problems during their convalescence.

Occur In Males As Compared To Females

Also, a London heart surgeon operates on numerous male patients for their heart conditions.  He/she comes across many old and middle-aged men who are diagnosed with heart diseases and require special treatment.

Men have larger hearts and more blood vessels than women and have different cholesterol buildup. They might respond to coronary heart diseases, strokes and aortic diseases differently.

Also, men are emotionally vulnerable and do not exhibit strong feelings. They are not able to cope behaviorally and physiologically and are less adaptive. Males cannot healthily handle stress and anxiety. These conditions compound to their cardiovascular health and they face all sorts of heart ailments.

Happen Because Of Bodily Issues

Men suffer from heart ailments because of low testosterone levels in their bodies. Some hormonal imbalances also increase blood pressure and lead to cardiovascular conditions.

Metabolic syndrome consists of high blood sugar levels, and more weight around the midsection and diabetes causes heart conditions in males.

Can Be Triggered Because Of Smoking And Drinking Alcohol

Men might develop heart ailments because of excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol.  An unhealthy lifestyle can also induce heart attacks.

Obese men are also at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

In the western parts of the world, men are prone to health issues. An average London heart surgeon earns several pounds a day for treating cardiovascular conditions of people.

Have Symptoms

Males can experience different symptoms such as shortness of breath and sweating. There might be a pain in the arms. Also, swelling in the ankles, legs or feet indicates a heart attack.

The person can also have an irregular heartbeat and some weakness.

Summing it up, men and women respond differently to heart diseases. Men are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases than women. These can be caused by smoking, consumption of alcohol and an unhealthy lifestyle. Many people die every year because of heart diseases and most of them are men.