Amazing Facts You Need to Know About Increasing Sex Drive for Men

Male Sexual Health

30-Second Summary

  • Sex drive or sex libido is the urge to engage in sexual activity.
  • Sex drive varies for individuals and for different people at various times.
  • Low sex drive refers to disinterest in any sexual activity.
  • Higher sex libido is an increased sexual excitement.
  • Low sex drive could be due to obesity, cultural and religious beliefs, diet, drug and alcohol abuse, age, and chronic diseases.
  • To increase sex libido, you can try a balanced diet, regular exercise, more sleep, and avoid stress.
  • You may try aphrodisiacs and male enhancement pills, like Iron Maxxx.

Sex Drive  

The desire to engage in sexual activity is called sex drive or libido. Sex drive fluctuates at different times. It also varies among individuals. 

The perception of high or low sex libido varies for different people. However, any reduced desire for sex is a low sex drive. A heightened excitement for sex is called a high sex drive. 

Sex drive fluctuations may be due to hormonal imbalances, diet, stress, sleep, environment, medication, fitness, and age. But ultimately, if you have a low sex drive, consult a doctor to be sure any medication isn’t the cause. 

Besides, try some of the home remedies discussed in this article to increase your libido.

Reduced Sex Drive

Persistent low sex drive is sexual dysfunction. Essentially, low sex libido is a concern when it’s not due to temporary medication. You need to inform your doctor if any prescribed medication suddenly results in a low sex drive.

Causes of low sex drive include:

  • Age – Sex drive usually lowers with increased age. That doesn’t mean younger people can’t experience low libido. Studies show that many people experience decreased libido from age 60.
  • Chronic diseases – Some chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cancers, and more may lower your libido as they cause low testosterone in men. Diseases cause stress, nerve damage, and general fatigue, which affect sexual functions.
  • Poor mental health – Men with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and brain damage may suffer from low sexual libido and sexual dysfunction. 
  • Excess bodyweight – Studies show that many obese men have low testosterone, which lowers their sex drive. So, if you are obese or overweight, you may experience a low sex drive. Fortunately, you can reduce weight to remedy the situation.
  • Alcohol and substance abuse – Some drugs like marijuana, heroin, and other steroids cause low testosterone in men. Also, excessive alcohol consumption reduces testosterone levels. This results in decreased sex urge and erectile dysfunction.
  • Religious and cultural restrictions – Some societies and religions preach against sex. This makes the men in such cultures and religions gradually despise sex. Consequently, they develop low libido.
  • Medical prescription drugs – Treatments like chemotherapy, radiography, testes surgery, and antidepressants may affect men’s sexual drive and reduce the excitement of male orgasm. If you take medications that reduce your libido, discuss it with your doctor.

Increased Sex Drive

Some men experience heightened sexual urge or compulsive sexual behavior. The impulse disorder makes men fail to control sexual impulses and develop a persistent craving for sexual activity. Men with such behavior must deliberately control themselves to avoid becoming sex perverts.

Increased sex drive may be due to:

  • Taking stimulants and drugs – While some drugs cause low sex libido, others are stimulants and raise sex drive. E.g., cocaine
  • Regular workouts – Studies show that men who constantly exercise usually have heightened sexual drive and sex functions. Exercise raises testosterone levels, which controls sexual feelings and activity.
  • Higher testosterone levels – Men with higher testosterone levels have an increased sex libido, plus harder and more erections. This results to better a better male orgasm. 

How Can You Raise Your Sex Drive?

Engage in constant activity – Working out or being on the move improves your heart and overall health and boosts your sex libido. The Journal of Sexual Medicine reports that exercise can cure erectile dysfunction without any medication. 

A regular workout improves blood circulation to the penis, leading to harder-sustained erections. Besides, exercise raises testosterone hormone levels which controls sex functions in men. 

Exercise gives you a better body shape, which raises your self-confidence and sexual performance. The good thing is that you don’t need rigorous exercise to be better sexually.

Eat aphrodisiac foods  Some foods are known to increase sexual libido. Though there is no single-dose food for boosting sex functions, some foods will give you a push towards sexual enjoyment. 

Ensure to eat a balanced diet, with foods rich in several energy-boosting foods, proteins, vitamins, and fruits. Eat whole grains for stamina and foods with zinc like red meat, walnuts, and some fish. Take vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin B complex, among others. Fruits are key for vitamin C, A, and potassium. Get strong bones from calcium-rich foods. With time, your sex libido will shoot, and you will be smiling. 

Get yourself into a regular sex mood  Just like you schedule and look forward to several activities, ensure you make sex a part of your priorities

You can make a date with your partner to spice your sex life. So, you will both look forward to your sex time and shelf other things to honor your date. As sex time approaches, your libido will rise particularly if you keep communicating sexually, both verbally and non-verbally. 

Get enough sleep for good sex  Denying yourself adequate sleep affects your sex and overall health. Reduced sleep causes low testosterone. Low testosterone is detrimental to your sexual health. Men with deprived sleep may have erectile dysfunction, among other sex-related problems. 

Experts advise you get at least 7 hours of sleep daily. One study found that testosterone levels declined by 15% per hour of deprived sleep. The reverse was true, with a 15% rise in testosterone levels per every additional hour of sleep above 5 hours. 

Avoid excess alcohol and drug abuse  Alcohol reduces the amount of glucose circulating in your blood. As such, your body has less energy, which lowers sex urge and performance. A study found that testosterone levels started to decline after 30 minutes of taking alcohol. 

Avoid excess alcohol to maintain your libido. Similarly, some drugs like heroin, marijuana, and steroids lower your sex drive. Avoid harmful drugs if you want better sex life. Note that, though some drugs stimulate you, the stimulation is temporary. So much that the withdrawal syndrome associated with lower levels of such drugs will leave you weak and powerless.

Learn to live a stress-free life – Stress, anxiety, and depression lower your libido. Mental health issues will make sex life secondary as you remain depressed with no excitement at all. 

No amount of stimulation will make you feel sexually interested if stressed. So, do away with anxiety through exercise, counseling, and entertainment. See your doctor for medication to control stressful situations. When you feel less stressed, your sex libido will light up too.

Consider Dietary Supplements To Boost Your Libido

Sometimes, you may not realize any change in your sex drive after trying most remedies. Even doctors’ prescriptions may not work. 

Maybe it’s time to try some of the top-rated male enhancement pills. These products could work for most men, increasing levels of testosterone and leading to firmer erections. You may try them to see if they will work for you.

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Sex drive varies for an individual and among individuals. Otherwise, sex drive may decline due to age, medication, alcohol, drugs, and culture. But you can improve libido through exercise, adequate sleep, reducing stress, and a better stimulating diet. 

You may take top-rated male enhancement pills if other natural ways don’t work. Take the pills with caution, and stop if you notice any side effects.

Some people say natural dietary supplements may help you boost your sex drive. One such dietary supplement is Iron Maxxx. But, ensure to read a comprehensive Iron Maxxx review before buying.