All You Need To Know About Certificate Of Destruction

Certificate Of Destruction

In case you’re unaware then you must know that a certificate of destruction is a legal document that is provided to you, by the car wrecking or scrapping company, when you scrap your vehicle. It’s a documented proof showcasing that you’ve scrapped your vehicle with the relevant car wrecker. And by law, every scrap vehicle should be issued with a proper certificate of destruction.


So, why is the certificate of destruction essential? Well, let’s take a look at that in this in-depth guide. 

The Significance Of Certificate Of Destruction


According to professional car wreckers in Hamilton, there are a lot of reasons why the certificate of destruction is essential. For starters, the destruction certificate transfers the ownership and responsibility of your vehicle from you to the car wrecking or scrapping company. 


Furthermore, the destruction certificate proves the following as well:

  • Your vehicle is finally off the road.
  • The scrapping or wrecking process has been carried out following the rules & regulations of the law. 
  • The vehicle is no longer registered to you. 


Every reputable or authorised car wrecking or scrapping company have to provide you with a copy of the certificate of destruction, as a part of their service provided. This is because it showcases the ultimate stage in the transfer of ownership. 

What Will Happen If You Never Obtain A Certificate Of Destruction From The Car Wrecking/Scrapping Company?

In case you never receive a certificate of destruction from the car scrapping or wrecking company, then there’s a good chance that your vehicle is still registered to you as the owner (legally). And as a result, you can end up in tricky problems later on. 

The first issue that you’ll encounter is that – your vehicle will not be deemed to have been taken off-road – meaning that you’ll be charged road taxes (even long after your vehicle has been scrapped). And if you’re unaware of such an issue and you don’t end up paying the road tax, you’ll eventually end up with a couple of hefty fines on your head. Moreover, since you’ll not have the destruction certificate with you, you’ll not have any chance to prove to the authorities that you’re not the responsible owner for the wrecked/scrapped vehicle anymore.

The second issue that you’ll encounter is that – if you don’t get a certificate of destruction copy with you – there’s no such guarantee that your vehicle will even get scrapped/wrecked. Ultimately, illegal transactions might take place involving your vehicle and you will not even have a clue about the same. The worst-case scenario could be that someone else is driving your car, at your expense, without you even knowing. 

Thus, it’s always suggested to recover your copy of the certificate of destruction from the car wrecking/scrapping company.