A Parent’s Guide in Buying Ride-on Toys for Kids

Toys for Kids

Every child’s milestone is an achievement for their parents. As kids grow, parents need to guide them and provide for their needs. Eventually, kids will learn to walk, run, and play independently. During this time, toys become a big part of their development.

To enhance their motor skills and coordination, parents can choose to buy ride on toys that can come in many forms. There are also various designs to choose from, and deciding which of them is the best fit for your child can be confusing.

This guide will help you be familiar with the different types of ride-on models. Soon enough, you will see the big smile on your kid’s face once he or she receives this new gift.

Different Forms of Ride-on Toys

Choosing a suitable ride-on toy for kids will depend mainly on their age. The ride on toys described below are ordered according to your kid’s age and physical capability.

  • Push ride-on: These types are perfect for young toddlers who do not have the strength to push themselves independently. With the help of a handle, parents or caregivers can easily push the vehicle.
  • Foot-to-floor model: This type is ideal for older toddlers who can already push the vehicle forward with their legs. The child simultaneously learns how to refine balance as he or she moves.
  • Pedal-powered: Once your kid gets the hang of the foot-to-floor model, it is time to move to the next level. Pedal-powered toys, like bicycles or tricycles, are suitable for those who mastered their balance and are ready for more speed.
  • Motorized toys: These toys run through batteries or electric power. The car-like design can be used by older kids who already have developing coordination and improved physical strength. Out of the four options, this one can provide the fastest speed.

Choosing the Design

Colour is a deciding factor when it comes to a toy’s design. For young toddlers, it is best to choose the brightly-coloured option to easily catch their attention. This can also encourage them to engage with the toy more. If your kid has a favourite cartoon character, it is best to pick a ride-on with the character printed on it. You can also tie it to their personality or make them choose on their own to encourage independence and freedom.

Aside from the aesthetic design, it is also important that the toy’s structural design of the toy follows the correct safety standards. Many toys in the market are still sub-standard, so it is best to be responsible when choosing a brand or place to buy it from. Manuals should also be read carefully by the parent or caregiver before letting the child use the ride-on toy. This should be done to avoid any form of accident.


Toys are beneficial to a child’s mental and physical development. Ride-on toys can help them engage in physical movement to enhance their stability, strength, and body coordination. This will make it easier for them to learn how to ride a real bike or other vehicles as they get older.

Parents should always guide their children once they engage with such toys. They should also be knowledgeable enough to choose the correct form to prevent any unwanted injuries or accidents.