3 Essential Tips to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer


For many people, summers are a time of fun and joy. Some choose to spend evenings on the beach meanwhile others prefer having a BBQ party in their backyard. However, some summer days are not quite that fun. 

Ever since global warming has become more than a topic for a TV documentary, it has become a part of our daily life. One of the signs of global warming is summer getting more and more unbearable yearly. 

When staying at home is the only option on such hot days, every person wants to ensure that at least indoors are cool. If you are also expecting extreme summers this year, here are a few tips that can help you keep your home cooler. 

Close the Shutters

Big windows can seem very aesthetic. It can be an ideal source of sunlight in your home during colder days. After all, what is a better source of Vitamin D than sitting in direct sunlight? However, if you have a window that receives direct sunlight, it can cause trouble in the summer. 

When your home indoors faces direct sunlight, it is more likely to heat up. As a result, you may not feel much difference in temperature outside and inside your home.

If you have window shutters, keep them closed through the sunniest part of the day. If you have a sun-facing window on the lower floors, try turning your blinds upwards to block sunlight from sneaking into your rooms.

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Let in the Cool Air

Summers are not that bad entirely. After all, the temperature does drop in the evenings. The slots for a temperature drop may differ depending on your area. The trick is to open your windows during cooler hours before sleep. However, be careful to close your shutters before it gets too hot. 

This trick has proven to be as effective as window tinting. Open windows at night promote a cross breeze that can lower indoor temperatures and help you sleep better.

You can also save significantly on your electricity bills by relying on air conditioners during the day and making the best of the natural breeze during the evenings. 

Adjust Your Ceiling Fans

If you experience the extreme summer season, you must already have a ceiling fan. The ceiling fans are a great way to relax and continuously provide whiffs of cold air on a hot day. However, if you feel like your ceiling fan is not providing the promised performance, there is a reason for that.

If your ceiling fan rotates clockwise, it pulls all the cool air up. On the contrary, when fans are set to rotate counterclockwise, they push air down, creating a cooling effect. You will see significant changes in indoor temperatures with this little change.

Ceiling fans also support other cooling methods, such as air conditioners and open windows during cooler hours. Make sure your fan is rotating in the right direction to provide the desired outcome.

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